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Usually television soundtracks are just fluff, filled with songs you may or may have not heard at some point on the show.  But this is not the case with the soundtrack to HBO’s newest hit series Game of Thrones.  I knew I’d probably like this score before I even got my hands on it.  Being a big fan of the show also helped quite a bit.

The score is well suited for a series like Game of Thrones.  It is filled with somber and haunting melodies with just enough pomp and flourish mixed in.  There is a medieval feel to certain tracks that I rather enjoyed.  I would have liked to have heard more themes based off certain characters, but that doesn’t diminish from the overall enjoyment of the score.  The music on the soundtrack was written by Ramin Djawadi who is also responsible for other great movie scores like Blade Trinity, Clash of the Titans and Iron Man.  It will be interesting to see if Djawadi will score any of the second season.

4 out of 5

Notable Tracks
#1 – Main Title
#5 – The King’s Arrival
#17 – Jon’s Honor
#27 – The Knight’s Watch
#29 – Finale

Complete Track List
1. Main Title (1:46)
2. North Of The Wall (3:48)
3. Goodbye Brother (3:07)
4. The Kingsroad (2:06)
5. The King’s Arrival (3:34)
6. Love In The Eyes (4:00)
7. A Raven From King’s Landing (1:16)
8. The Wall (1:59)
9. Things I Do For Love (1:52)
10. A Golden Crown (1:38)
11. Winter Is Coming (2:42)
12. A Bird Without Feathers (2:02)
13. Await The King’s Justice (2:00)
14. You’ll Be Queen One Day (1:36)
15. The Assassin’s Dagger (1:19)
16. To Vaes Dothrak (1:29)
17. Jon’s Honor (2:35)
18. Black Of Hair (1:40)
19. You Win Or You Die (1:57)
20. Small Pack Of Wolves (1:57)
21. Game Of Thrones (1:18)
22. Kill Them All (2:35)
23. The Pointy End (3:16)
24. Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors (1:35)
25. When The Sun Rises In The West (2:40)
26. King Of The North (1:28)
27. The Night’s Watch (1:44)
28. Fire And Blood (4:30)
29. Finale (2:31)

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