Green Lantern: The Animated Series Returns to Cartoon Network in March

Fans may recall being treated to a sneak peek of the Green Lantern animated series back in November and since have been wondering when the light of the Green Lantern will return.  According to sources, Animation Magazine and The Blog of Oa, the series will have 26 episodes and be part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation premiering this March.

The show brings together the minds of producers Jim Krieg (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Giancarlo Volpe (King of the Hill, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), executive producer Bruce Timm, and animation by CGCG Inc (Star Wars: The Clone Wars).  The first Green Lantern series to be CG animated by Warner Bros takes on new ground by sending the Knights to “a distant frontier space aboard an intelligent ship called Aya” in order “to face the encroaching threat of Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns.”

One of the reasons for taking the story so far from Oa, home planet and source of power for the entire Green Lantern Corps, was the switch to CG animation. With the comics frequently showing small armies of Green Lanterns fighting battles in space, the expense required to design and create each CG character dictated a different approach that found inspiration in an unlikely place.

“My mind went to an old show called Rat Patrol, which is essentially a World War II story told with four guys fighting Rommel in North Africa,” says Krieg. “It’s a war story told with four characters instead of an entire army.”



In order to keep things cohesive, producers and DC Comics have been sharing ideas and suggestions to help the comics and animated series mesh.

“We’ve been weaving in characters in our show that we borrowed or liked from the comic and they’ve also been doing things in the comics that have kind of called back to the show,” says Volpe. “There’s been a few things in recent issues that actually remind us of stuff that’s happened in our episode that the reader won’t realize until months from now.”



Green Lantern: The Animated Series should be unlike anything fans have seen thus far, breaking new ground with setting and plot, along with a strive toward symmetry between comic and show.  Mark your calendars and tune in to Cartoon Network this March, Green Lantern: The Animated Series will be one to not miss in Spring.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Cast
Josh Keaton as Hal Jordan
Kevin Michael Richardson as Kilowog
Grey DeLisle as Aya
Tom Kenny as Zilius Zox
Jonathan Adams as Atrocitus


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