Pantheons – A Great New E-Series!

Looking for something new to read? Maybe even (dare I say) a break from comics? Well it’s time to fire up that Kindle; we’ve just gotten an interesting indie read in here at The Word of the Nerd. It’s called Pantheons, the first in a series by author E.J Dabel, published by Sea Lion Books. Without spoiling much for you, the book tells the tale of Isaiah, a street punk leader of a misfit gang of teens. When a revenge plot on a local “pretty boy” goes wrong, the gang stumbles upon a mysterious academy and a fantastical plot involving gods of an ancient world. Isaiah learns he is mortal teen son of a villainously depicted Zeus. That’s where things really pick up, as the reader is thrust into a world of all kinds of gods and their dramas and power struggles, and we discover Isaiah is destined for much more.


Upon hearing this, you may think “oh, another Percy Jackson and the Olympians style young adult book”, but after a few pages in you’ll realize it’s much more. It’s a thinking-man’s story, with deep conflicts and pretty robust character development (especially with Isaiah). Yet despite this and the complexities of the many gods in the book, Pantheons is easy to get into. You’ll quickly find yourself knowing the names and motives of all the gods and characters in the book naturally, without having to look back. That’s where Pantheon truly succeeds. It’s great fun to see how different gods of the Pantheon stack up when matched against each other. As a casual fan of mythology, I found this a lot of fun. So if you have an itch for a quick reading fix with a little more thought involved, check it out! You can’t really go wrong, it’s a steal at only $1.99 on the Amazon Kindle store!  You can find out more information on Pantheons here.


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