Comic Preview – Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star #6

Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star is based on the works done by Jack Kirby in the 70s.  The original concept was written as a screenplay and developed into the comic series.  This version of Silver Star is written by Alex Ross and Jai Nitz with art by Johnny Desjardins and began its run in November, 2011, published by Dynamite Entertainment.

I jumped in to this series cold, so it took a little research on my end to really understand what was going on.  The basic premise for the comic, as eloquently said on Comic Book Resources, is:

Before Kirby: Genesis there was… The Silver Star! The last great Kirby creation, Morgan Miller is the first of a new breed– Homo-Geneticus. The most powerful man in the world has been living in secret for the last thirty years, but he’s been busy. Silver Star secretly protects the world from the amazing super-powerful dangers that threaten billions every day. Witness superheroic war, giant monsters, and astral adventures! Get a firsthand look at America’s greatest unknown superhero!

Silver Star #6 CoverIssue #6 is an action-packed issue with explosions and drama exuding from every panel.  So much of the comic is steeped in oranges and reds, it’s a wonder the book isn’t on fire!

Speaking of the art, the issue has some very solid talent working on this project.  The colors are very vibrant with little reliance on action lines to show the large amounts of motion happening in this comic.  The panels are set up very nicely, overlapping when the action is happening very quickly and providing an appropriate amount of gutter space where it’s needed for the reader to engage in some closure.

The writing isn’t quite as strong as the art, but it still feels very natural in the setting.  Being unfamiliar with the original 1970s comics, I can’t say how well it imitates or pays homage to the original source material.  The dialogue doesn’t seem quite as natural as it could, though it certainly isn’t poor by any standards.  I just feel like it could be pushed a little harder.

While the premise is a little out-there, this issue is very solid with amazing art.  I certainly would like to read more issues of this comic.  Even if just to see more of this wonderful work by artist Johnny Desjardins.

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