Katie Cassidy Joins Cast of CW’s Arrow

Katie Cassidy

Solidifying its status as a friend of the nerd, the CW will be shooting a pilot for Arrow this spring.  The cast announcements are growing with every passing day. The latest and most exciting addition is CW favorite Katie Cassidy in the role of Dinah “Laurel” Lance.  Right now we know that Dinah will have a romantic history with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow but there is no certainty as to exactly how the writers will interpret the full Green Arrow story.  Fans of the DC universe know that Dinah, AKA Black Canary, was one of the founders of the Justice League of America, has a tumultuous relationship with Oliver Queen, and she has super powers. The character has been used by the CW (and the defunct WB) in Smallville and the short lived but loved Birds of Prey. But knowing Katie’s catalog of work, I know she is going to bring something new to the part of Dinah.

If you are unfamiliar with Katie Cassidy you must not be watching much TV or see many movies.  Cassidy has

I wouldn't cross her, that scary look

been a model, reality TV show contestant, singer, muse, and an actress.  Thankfully she seems to have chosen to focus on the acting, THIS was not her finest moment.   Her oeuvre spans from bubble gum comedy to seedy teenage serials to horror to drama. She’s been an every day teen, a schemer, a victim, a demon and she’s been believable and likeable in every roll she has played.  Katie can fight, stand her ground, exude effervescence and she has one powerful gaze.  She can go from smiling and coy to shooting daggers with her eyes. And if you ask me, one super hero necessity is a fear inducing gaze.  However, after the Wonder Woman costume debacle of 2011, I am kind of fearful of the outfit she could end up squeezed into for the Black Canary.

I blame the outfit for Wonder Woman not getting picked up

I don’t know if it was because I was never really a big Superman fan, but Smallville never really did it for me.  But I have hope for Arrow because of the talent behind itDavid Nutter is directing the pilot and his career spans back to the original 21 Jump Street, Game of Thrones and nerd favorites X Files, Roswell, and Supernatural. Arrow was written by the team of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, both of TV’s No Oridinary Family and the recent The Green Lantern movie. Speaking of Supernatural, Katie rocked it as the first, and in most fans’ opinions, the best Ruby.

Rounding out Arrow’s cast is the hunky Stephen Amell as Oliver/Arrow, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Susanna Thompson as Oliver’s mother, Willa Holland as Oliver’s sister, and stage actor Colin Donnell as villain Merlyn.  I will tell you now, it is looking like Amell and Donnell will be the Good Girls Gone Geek “Crushes of 2013”.  I think Chris Hemsworth obsessed Proffitt will be team Amell and I will have to go for the dark, brooding Donnell.


Team Bex
Team Proff









Assuming the creative team stays somewhat in the story as we know it, I hope they can produce a canary cry that is not overly cheesy nor migraine inducing. The list of potential guest starring characters is exciting Tom Welling reprising his Superman/Clark Kent role, Wonder Woman, Batman, Plastic Man and more could make a TV burst.  Hold tight to your chairs everyone, the Arrow pilot is scheduled to film this spring and I should be singing its praises *knock wood* this fall.


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