Review: Stick City #1

Stick City Issue One PreviewIt’s the year 2023, the world as we know it has been turned inside out and we have all been turned into Stick People.

I knew it.

I just knew this is how it would turn out.

Alright… I’m lying. That was the furthest thing from my mind, but after reading Brennan Neil‘s first issue of Stick City I’ve got a whole new source of dystopian daydream fodder.

When I received my copy of Stick City and saw the cover, I braced myself for a tongue-in-cheek parody of Sin City. I would have been up for it, but to instead find a completely unique tale of Neil’s creation within was serendipitous. The story is surreal, a bit complex and, at times, unnerving. Personally, I think that plays perfectly against the stark simplicity of the stick people in a blank, black and white world.

My one criticism of the telling of the tale is about, believe it or not, the first page.The premise of Stick City may seem simple (a bunch of scientists with a god complex go too far and break the universe, literally), but the details given to bring that premise to light are a bit heavy. I understand Brennan Neil’s need for this heavy introduction, but I worry about two things: will readers skip it (I don’t recommend that), or will it turn readers away (that would be a shame)?

With that said, I recommend you give this book a read. For those Matrix fans out there, you will absolutely love this. Our protagonist, Stick Man, or Kyle (he goes by both), is one of the few left in existence that knows that this whole world is wrong. He says,

My worst fear, more than anything, is waking up one morning and believing there is nothing wrong with this world, that this is the way it has always been.

…I wasn’t born a god damned stick figure, and I certainly don’t plan on dying as one.

When I read those words I thought, “Yes! Let’s fight! Bring our crazy world back with its flawed humanity!” and with those thoughts I realized I’m going to be hooked on another weird indie series.

You can pre-order Stick City on Brennan Neil’s website directly. The first print run is currently limited to only 100 copies and will be published on April 4, 2012. In the meantime, you can get a taste for the story and the stark visuals with Neil’s preview pages on the site.



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