Review – Voltron #3

Voltron #3

When it comes to Voltron……..I know nothing. I have watched the cartoons from back in the day but only a few, not enough to understand what the basic mission was. After reading Voltron #3 over 4 times i realize why I have no clue what is going on…….I don’t want to know! I hear from some people that this was the greatest cartoon ever but never really heard anything about a comic book, now I know why. This was probably one of the most hardest reads that I had to force myself to read. You know what may be it just isn’t my type of book and if that’s the case I am sorry to those who love this series. I am sure you will love this one, but as an outsider reading the book for the first time I am very disappointed.

After the 4th read I finally realized what was going on. Call me stupid but I just don’t understand. The story starts off in the year 2124 with what looks to be an evil character by the name of Elliot? who is talking to a robot asking him to come out and answer one of his question. Well out pops what looks like a ghost character of Alec who was the second controller of the robot. Then the story jumps to the year 2014 which they forgot to mention in the first 4 pages. So your reading these first four pages wonder what the hell is going on. So once you find out Alec is being interrogated by another character Zarkon on planet earth in Nevada you start thinking……..OK now I know what going on…..NOPE back to confusion. All of the sudden a secret magical device is recording their conversation, plus some other guys pops out of no where with magic and tries to kill them both. I can’t possibly say any more about this book. I will say go check it out if you want to know more about the confusion. I have no doubt in my mind that this book will get better……Just not for me.

There is an upside to this book. Yes, the art is very good. I may not be able to tell whats going on by the art but I can tell you my imagination is less confusing than all the word bubbles they put in. The art reminds me of the the old cartoon Voltron mixed with some of the Transformers comic book art. I really enjoyed the art!

This is a title that I would only recommend to the DIE HARD fans of the Voltron series. If your are trying to figure out if you should get the book or not……Give it a try but try not to get confused.

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