Review: TMNT Issue #7

Hello again, fellow turtle fans!

Once again, I come to you with tidings of the awesome heroes in a half-shell!

Now, I know it hasn’t been that long since the last issue hit the shelves, but believe me when I say that it felt like FOREVER since I last got my TMNT fix (especially since our nearly cross-country move a few months ago made me fall seriously behind right off the bat), so you can only imagine my excitement when I found the latest issue in our pull-box when we went to the comic book shop yesterday. My excitement never once waned on the drive home, and I found myself once again more than pleased with the comic as a whole as I all but devoured it like a ravenous wolf (well…not literally, but you get what I mean).

In this issue, Krang makes his appearance in more than simple reference, and lets Baxter Stockman know under no certain terms that he’s not happy with his work progress.

Now, for all of you who watched the 1980’s cartoon, Krang looks like a more bad-ass version of how he looked in that instance. Just looking at him, you know that his voice is more menacing than the grating, borderline doofus voice that his cartoon version had. Also, instead of the giant baby wearing suspenders and speedos that was his mechanical body in the cartoon, his mechanical body in the comic book (pictured in the image to the right) cuts a much more imposing (not to mention hulking) figure. Befitting his title of ‘General’, his mechanical body is attired in full military garb complete with a beret. Unlike the Krang from the original cartoon (which was actually quite funny when he got irritated), this is not a Krang that you would want to cross. You just know it.

We also get a glimpse into the slowly budding relationship between April and Casey (you knew it would only be a matter of time 😉 ). Shredder still has yet to make an appearance, but that’s more than alright. I have absolutely no problem with IDW working up to the reveal of the turtles’ ultimate nemesis.

Once again, it is Donnie who acts as Leo’s foil (butting heads over logic vs. blind faith), while Raph assumes a more easy-going persona, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like this change because it shakes things up a bit and lets all of us loyal fans know that Raph’s not the only one who can question authority. Perhaps it’s the writer in me, but I really love that kind of character development. Now, don’t get me wrong. Raph makes an awesome bad boy with a heart of gold (Exhibit A being the 2007 TMNT movie….I mean seriously, who amongst us can honestly say that the rooftop battle between him and Leo didn’t get their heart racing? Don’t bother lying…I know you were sitting on the edges of your seats), but at the same time, this new Raph isn’t the same Raph that we’re all accustomed to.

He had amnesia and was living on his own for the first few issues, remember?

He’s still figuring out exactly who he is. Now I know this next comparison might get lost on some of you, but think of him as Doctor Who after he’s been newly regenerated. While at his core, he remains the same guy, other things nevertheless change…sense of humor, sense of taste, sense of style, certain idiosyncracies, etc (if you’re a Whovian like me, then you can immediately think of more than once instance of those examples, lol). In the mean time, while Raph is busy getting to know himself and his family again, the position of foil was required to be filled by another (because siblings never get along 24/7), and since Mikey is simply too happy-go-lucky (in any and every incarnation) to be at odds with anyone, the logical choice was Donnie.

Who knows what future issues have in store?

Well, after this issue’s cliffhanger, I think some sort of resolution would be in order!

And no, I’m not going to tell you what it is. Call me a meanie if you want…call me a blue meanie if you want (by the way, whoever gets that reference gets a cookie), but I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

And on that note, I would like to close with this thought…

Reboots are very tricky ventures (whether they be on big and small screens or on pages), and they can very easily rub hard-core fans the wrong way (Exhibit A being my die-hard, Superman fan of a husband not being even remotely pleased with how the reboot of his ultimate favorite superhero is going). But I’m finding that such is not the case with TMNT’s reboot. Overall, I am still genuinely stoked and beyond pleased with how IDW is handling the resurrection of my four favorite heroes. From the actual storyline to the art, I couldn’t be more pleased, and I greatly look forward to what IDW has in store for the next issues to come.

Until next time, peace, love and cookies…or in this case, pizza!

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