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No More Heroes

Attention, attention all comic book fans in search of something new!

And when I say ‘new’ I literally mean brand-spanking new.

Written by Gordon Mclean and drawn by Caio Oliveira, No More Heroes is a self-published comic that was released and made available to the masses on March 1st for either digital download purchase, as well as made-to-order print copies. While in this short while, the first issue of this comic has become one of the most downloaded comics on pirate sites, the creators are not taking offense.

Why, you might ask?

Because they’re happy for the publicity!

Because this comic is self-published by relatively unknown creators, the creators are hoping that the wildfire popularity of their maiden project will attract the attention of a publisher and thereby gain access to the publicity and advertising that is afforded by being backed by a much larger budget. However, until that day comes, the creators are relying entirely on word of mouth in order to announce the news of their comic book.

Some people might think that allowing pirated versions of work to circulate would be risky at best. After all, if your work is being downloaded for free, money will be lost. However, in this particular instance, this allowance might just be a stroke of genius.

Gordon: “No More Heroes isn’t just popular among online pirates. We’ve also been selling a surprising amount of print and digital copies with orders coming in from the likes of America, Canada, New Zealand and Germany. We’ve had comic store owners asking us if we can do wholesale and inviting us to visit the store if we’re ever in the area. We’ve even had people who’ve illegally downloaded it get in touch to say they enjoyed it so much they’d like to give us some money!”

See what I mean?

Stroke of genius!

No More Heroes tells the story of Sid Millar, an average guy who receives an anonymous text message asking, “Should I kill himself?” Drunk and goaded by friends, he replies “Yes”. It turns out this text was sent by Dark Justice, the world’s greatest superhero, who has committed suicide. Or so the world thinks. Dark Justice’s sidekick believes his boss was actually murdered and forces Sid to help him with the investigation into the suspicious death.

Now, after having read the first issue when the powers-that-be here at Word of the Nerd passed it along to me (and no, it’s not a pirated version, we actually got it from Gordon Mclean himself, so there!) I can honestly say that I am intrigued by the story. The artwork is very well done, and though profanities are used, the usage is not gratuitous. However, because of the certain turns of phrases that are used, you might want to make sure to keep younger eyes from reading it…or your own eyes if the concept of profanity bothers you that much. Iif it turns out to be the latter, I will tell you right now that you will be missing out on what is promising to be a very well done series, even though it’s planned to only be 4 issues long.


Nerd up! ;D

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