April Fools’: The Five Best

Once again April Fools’ Day has come around and I’ve had no chance to pull any pranks on people. Luckily though, around the internet there have been some very clever lies told. Some have been played seriously, while others are just downright hilarious.

There is everything from tech, to film, to comics. It’s been fun. Just so you don’t get sucked in, and can have as big a laugh as I’ve had, here are my top five for the day.

Stephanie Brown Returns 

Bleeding Cool put out a piece about a new kick-starter project by DC. According to the article the third wave of DC’s The New 52 would all be kick-starter projects, one of which would included Stephanie Brown returning as Spoiler, and that people should get bidding. To begin with it all seemed a little believable, they way the author said Marvel were soon to copy and the fact that one of editors wanted us to follow it up. Sadly, Stephanie Brown will not be returning any time soon.

Prometheus Review

Prometheus is still a long way off but Total Film managed to have a few people over when they claimed the review was up on their site and had been for quite some time. Clicking through it gave the film only two stars. My heart sank a little. Then I noticed it was for a play and not the up-coming film, thank God.

Donatello to be a woman

The turtles relaunch couldn’t piss off more fans that it already has, but Comicbooked claimed it had gone a step further. They put up a nice little piece about how Donatello would be portrayed as a woman in the film relaunch of the series. Michael Bay would have to be completely off his rocker to go that far, but Comicbooked made it work due to the recent outcry by fans.

Google 8-bit

Google are one of the biggest driving forces when it comes to technology, but it seems even they need to take a step back at some point. Google were so proud of this little prank and the quite nice video that they couldn’t even wait until today to post it, with Google Maps 8-bit hitting the web yesterday. Yes, that’s right, all you retro gamers out there still kicking it with a Nes will now be able to run Google Maps through it…

Lynx App Spray

Lynx are always taking a fun approach when it comes to their products and adverts, this one being no different. This year they launched a new phone app, allowing you to select from all the sprays available and grab that special woman, no matter what the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynx try really hard to make this a reality.

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