Game of Thrones House Of The Day: Tyrell

We are continuing along with our House of the Day here at Word of the Nerd, and although we have gone through most of the major houses, there are a few other Houses (and other groups) that need to be covered so you can be ready for whatever is thrown your way this season. One key thing to remember about characters and houses: Even the most minor characters/houses can become major players in a game of thrones. So make sure you watch them closely.
Today, we take a look at one of those minor Houses, that seems to have a Major stake in the war of 5 kings. I am talking of course, of House Tyrell! Again, these articles contain minor spoilers – you have been warned.



House Tyrell

Words: Growing Strong

Sigil: A Golden Rose on a Green Field



Another of the old and powerful houses, the Tyrell’s can trace back their heritage to the Andal invaders of the Age of Heroes. The rule from Castle Highgarden and are usually the Wardens of the South. The second most wealthiest family of Westeros, they have many bannermen loyal to their House and when all are called in, their fleet matches that of the royal navy. When the Targaryen‘s came and took over, they bent the knee and remained loyal even during the Usurper’s War. But when Robert won, they swore fealty to him and were forgiven.


Mace Tyrell

Mace Tyrell has been spoken about in the show but has yet to appear (or cast). During the Siege of Storm’s End, he managed to surround Storm’s End with his garrison, but was unable to break Stannis Baratheon’s troops, or will to survive. He held the siege for over a year before Eddard Stark came to lift it and help win the battle. He is the father of Willis, Garlen, Loras, Margaery, and is wed to Alerie Hightower. He is said to be handsome once but in his older age has become somewhat fat. He is not the savvy politician, but knows that he wants his children in high places.


Ser Loras Tyrell

The Knight of Flowers, is said to be a brilliant combatant and a deadly jouster. He was fostered at Storms End, which was where he first met and squired for Renly Baratheon. This was probably where their illicit affair began, and some people at court have knowledge of it, though no one says anything about it. He jousted at the Hands Tournament, where he jousted against the Mountain, Gregor Clegane. It is said that he used a mare in heat, which drove Clegane’s stallion wild. After Sandor Clegane stands up for him and duals his brother, Loras proclaims the Hound the Tournaments victor. After Robert’s death, Renly and himself devise a plan to make Renly king. He gets his father to support Renly’s claim and cements the two houses, by having his sister, Margaery, wed to Renly, even though he is Renly’s true lover. Ser Loras is portrayed by Finn Jones.


Margaery Tyrell

She is the only daughter of Mace Tyrell and Alerie Hightower. It is said that she is quite beautiful, with long brown hair, and a slender, curvy figure. She is also described to be extremely intelligent, especially for someone of 16 years of age. She is wed to Renly Baratheon by her father to help cement her in a position of power, and the show support for Renly’s claim to the Iron throne. In the HBO series, Margaery Tyrell will be played by Natalie Dormer.




House sworn to Highgarden (The Tyrell’s) and Major Characters:

House Tarly of Horn Hill – Samwell Tarly’s house before becoming a sworn brother of the Nights Watch.

House Redwyne – Ser Hobber and Ser Horas  both rode and the Hands Tournament.



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