Ian Churchill’s Marineman Review

Famous comic book illustrator Ian Churchill has worked on many titles and companies over the years including Marvel, D.C., and Image just to name a few. He has worked on many great comics such as Superman, Teen Titans, X-Men, Hulk, Cable, and The Avengers.

In December of 2010 Churchill introduced to the world Marineman, a character he created over 30 years ago when he was about eight years of age. Churchill states that when he was a kid growing up in the 70s he loved three things, those things were drawing comics, superheroes, and the ocean; he says that it was an inevitability that these things would eventually come together into the character Marineman.

The comics revolve around a character named Steve” Marineman” Ocean who is a marine biologist and T.V. presenter. Steve Ocean has a life many dream of, having comprised of a great job and a good band of friends but  Steve hides a dangerous secret, that if revealed could spell certain doom for the ocean and for the ones who he holds dear in his life.

With six issues and a graphic novel bundling those six issues, Marineman is an action / adventure that appeals to both adults and children of all ages. Published by Image comics and nominated for an eisner award in 2010 for best new series, it is sure to captivate a wide array of comic book readers.

Along with being well written and superbly illustrated, Marineman is also very educational on the subjects of the ocean, scuba diving and free diving.

Written and created by Ian Churchill / Illustrated by Ian Churchill


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