Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter Review

Hello nerds and nerdettes!  Welcome to another exciting review with yours truly. Today I’ll be reviewing a brand new title from Viper Comics called Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter. In its debut issue we are introduced to Ichabod Jones. Ichabod is anything but what you would think the stereotypical hero would be. It is the time of the apocalypse and monsters have been unleashed upon the world. It seems that Ichabod must embark on a mission to save the planet from this threat but first he has to escape from the mental institution that he has been committed to. Yep you heard me correctly – Mr. Jones just so happens to be a mentally unstable, deranged psychopath who hears voices, voices that led him to be locked up in a maximum security mental hospital. These same voices are now telling him that he has to save the world.

After reading this first issue of Ichabod Jones, I have to say that I see a lot of potential for this series. It begins with Ichabod in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket and the voices in his head  telling him it’s time to leave and save the world and that he is the only one that can do it.  Keep in mind these are the same voices that are responsible for him being locked up in the first place.  Of course, they explain that the reason they told him to brutally kill all those people was to prepare him for this moment.

Ichabod exits the cell and proceeds to explore.  It doesn’t take long before he stumbles upon a hideous creature feasting on the other people inhabiting the asylum. Of course he does what anyone would do….run like hell, all the while the voices in his head urging him to fight and directing his moves as he so hesitantly obeys.

The great thing about this formula is that you as the reader and Ichabod as the main character both question the validity of the situation that is unfolding in front of him.  After all, he is a murdering psychopath.

All in all I found this comic very entertaining and look forward to seeing how this demented story unfolds. So if you’re looking for something different with exceptional artwork and an original creative story then don’t pass this one up.

Created and Written by: Russell Nohelty / Edited by: Gwendolyn Borgen / Art by Renzo Podesta






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