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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Back coverIt’s week three of our reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  for the Word of the Nerd book club. If this is the first you are catching wind of it, or if you didn’t get your copy of the novel until this week, then don’t fret! There’s still plenty of time to join the discussion. Head on over to the Word of the Nerd Book Club page to read the previous posts concerning this book or just to check out the basic set up of the book club.

This week I am going to focus my reflections and thoughts on part two of the book called “Vampire Hunter.” To see the questions raised from the first part of the book called “Boy”, then check out last week’s post on that topic! With that said, if you do not like spoilers, BE WARNED I am about to discuss part two of this book quite freely; you may want to save this post for future reading if you have not yet finished this part of the book.

With that warning out of the way, let’s discuss.

My Surprise Off the Pages

As part of our Mother’s Day celebration this past weekend, my mother-in-law requested that we go to the movies. We ended up seeing the latest vampire flick to hit the big screens, Dark Shadows. I don’t know about you, but I am a big time credit-reader. In my youth I was interested in the actors and sometimes directors and, as I’m getting older, I find myself paying very close attention to the writers on the project. Let me just say, I almost fell out of my seat when I saw the name Seth Grahame-Smith credited for the screenplay! My poor husband; I hit him.

Did anyone else know about this? Is it common knowledge that the author of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter also had a hand in the vampire film that seems to usher in its arrival, Dark Shadows?

Thoughts About The Many Roles of Abraham Lincoln

In last week’s post, I had Henry on my mind (and, don’t worry… I’m getting to him), but in part two of the book, we finally get to see Abe’s diversity. We see him as a burgeoning vampire hunter, as a teammate – first with Jack, then with Speed, as a man in love, as a businessman (unsuccessful though he was), a father and as a politician. Did I miss anything? Perhaps I should make mention of Abe the reader or the brilliant orator? Whatever the case, Grahame-Smith has definitely painted a picture of a man who has many talents, or at least will not settle until he has come upon success. He has also reminded us that the fragile boy who lost his mother at a young age has never truly recovered from the loss and still has a tender heart.


Do you think it is realistic to believe that Abe could keep his secret of being a Vampire Hunter?

Are there any points of “vampire involvement” in Abraham Lincoln’s life that you believe have gone too far?

Thoughts About the Vampires

In this section of the book we have been exposed to more and more vampires – either those who have come face to face with Abe, or through stories told to him. While the stories of horror and battles are sure to be fun to see on the big screen, one of the stories that I feel could have been the single spark to bring this entire story to life was in Poe’s second meeting with Abe (by the way, I still can’t believe I didn’t squee about this meeting the first time! Yay POE!) where we learn about American vampires. Here’s just a bit:

When the English came to our shores, charged with bringing us back under the control of the Old World, America’s vampires took up the fight. They were there at Lexington and Concord. They were there at Ticonderoga and Moore’s Creek. Some returned to their native France, where they persuaded King Louis to lend us his navy. They are as American as you or I, Lincoln. True patriots — for America’s survival is their survival.”

This serves to clarify why so many politicians in Washington seemed to be ok with the presence of vampires. In addition, as the rest of Poe’s conversation elucidates what kind of major threat the vampires will become to the humanity of America, it serves as an excellent lead in to how this part of the book ends with Henry’s proposition of war.


Of all of the vampire battles so far, which do you think was the most exciting, the most gruesome and which was the scariest?

If you are planning on seeing the movie, which battle are you most looking forward to seeing on the screen?

What are your thoughts about America being the land of the free for the vampires of the world?



I have more thoughts about other vampire hunters and vampire wars, but seeing as that is where this section ends and where the next one seems to begin, I will stop myself now, as I am sure the next part will allow me to explore the topic. Plus, YOU have to let me know what you are thinking!

We will have an official online chat next week, but feel free to drop a line on the #wotnbc hashtag on twitter to let us know how your reading is going and to respond to this week’s topics here in the comments!

Happy reading!!

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