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Hello again, Geek Crafters! First allow me to apologize for missing a bi-weekly edition of my It’s Sew Geeky! segment.  But I’m coming back at you this week with perhaps one of my favorite ways to let your geek flag fly AND get your craft on, all in one fell swoop!

Geeky upcycling of shoes!

Geeky shoes have been getting a lot of good press lately. In fact, MSNBC’s The Today Show recently included a bit on geeky glitter shoes with the illustrious geek crafter Amy Ratcliffe. And let me just say that there is a geeky shoe craft out there for just about everyone, regardless of your level of crafting finesse. If you’ve got a little patience and aren’t afraid to get a little messy, that cheap pair of ballet flats you found on the clearance rack could just become your new favorite shoes of all time. Check out the images below for some seriously awesome ideas.

First on the list is glitter shoes. With tutorials abounding for shoes like this, usually involving mixing tons of glitter into mod podge and slathering the shoes with the glittery glue, putting a geeky spin on this apparently hot fashion statement is a bit more time consuming and finicky, but well worth it once you’ve seen the results.

These glittery shoes show off your love for Mario and offer you two extra lives for those long days at work.
Slightly mismatched but completely adorable, show off your appreciation for classic anime with these dual Luna/Artemis shoes!
These shoes offer a strong pop of color and a genuinely electric shock to your plain wardrobe. Pika-cute!
You may not be walking through the Rebel base, but you can certainly show your Rebel pride with these glittery shoes! Show those Imperials what's what!

But hey! Maybe glitter just isn’t your thing. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend the next three weeks vacuuming up bits of sparkly goodness from your carpets or discovering glitter in the dog’s fur tomorrow morning. That’s completely okay! If you’ve got a hand for drawing, all you need are some paint pens or even sharpies to create masterpieces like these!

Pixar movies are always a geeky affair, and these shoes inspired by "Up" are crazy-adorable.
If huge pops of color aren't your thing, take some inspiration from these wonderful black-and-white Totoro shoes!
A pair of plain canvas shoes can be turned into something truly awesome with a set of paint pens - like these classic NES controller shoes!
These Majora's Mask shoes are truly amazing, and if you can pull off art like this, you'd BETTER be putting it on your shoes!

To be honest, I have absolutely no talent for drawing. I don’t have the skills. But that hasn’t stopped me from buying some cheap, comfortable shoes from Payless (my go-to place for shoes to upcycle when the clearance racks fail) to geek up. And my favorite way to do it is with Mod Podge. This crazy tacky glue and sealant all in one makes shoes a legitimate canvas for decoupage!

These shoes have taken bits of Clone Wars paper products and expertly covered a previously bland pair of heels!
Anything can be decoupaged onto a pair of shoes! Grab an old dictionary or a book that you'd otherwise throw out and cover those shoes!
Perhaps my favorite use of the decoupage method - comic books! I'm in the process of creating some Aquaman shoes myself!

Do you have other ideas for ways to geek out your shoes? Have you used any of these techniques yourself? Share pictures and tips in the comments! Remember to geek up your crafts, nerdites! And don’t forget, the best shoes are the geeky shoes!

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