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Advance Review: Mortifera 1

In Mortifera, two adventures and their demon companion try to save the world from entering another Dark Age.

After the 11 page back story, which sounds straight out of Conan the Barbarian, the main story starts. Catherine has a dream, wakes up her brother Edwin, and they rush to a castle. Inside the castle, they discover the destroyed remnants of the Moritfera, the order they belong to. Catherine wants revenge, but disguises it in more noble sounding terms. She uses a hidden vial of demon blood to summon Durin, the demon that helped her father years before. Issue 1 ends before anything else happens.

The artwork is good. This manga inspired artwork feels right for the kind of story I think this one will become. The dialog is clever and witty.

The three main characters are a bit of a mystery to me. Their personalities are not fully revealed yet and it would be foolish to speculate until later. Their roles in the story are much clearer and can be elaborated in part. I think that Durin is the heavy and will probably do most of the fighting. Catherine will keep the plot moving forward, as it was her actions that started this journey. Edwin is the audience surrogate and will probably get lost when we do. Catherine will have to take time to teach him some stuff, hopefully not often. Otherwise, it will get annoying in a hurry.

I really cannot comment too much about this issue. It is a first issue and is handicapped by that fact. The three main characters are barely introduced and we do not have a full sense of their personalities. We cannot discuss the plot except in generalities because we do not know it, yet.

Although I would say that this probably should not have been called issue 1. It feels more like an Issue 0 because it is set up for future issues. The story has not even picked up yet. Although I do admit that I want to read more about this universe. So Kudos, I guess.

Mortifera #1 arrives in comic book stores August 29th.


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