Sneak Peek: The Evil Tree from Arcana

Trust me, lady. The guy with the ax is the least of your worries.

Sometimes you just pick up a new book based on the title. Maybe you are a complete loyalist and will pick up every book with, for example, an “X”, a bat symbol, or a starfleet insignia on the cover. Or maybe you see something that stands out to you and pick it up out of curiosity. The Evil Tree from Arcana Comics is the latter of these.

One of the benefits that Arcana has over the other publishers, especially in the horror genre, is their business model of publishing only graphic novels. It is because of this that The Evil Tree works as a horror story. This is a classic slow burn horror story that would never work if the reader was forced to wait 4 months for the conclusion.  By publishing it as one complete story, instead of several episodes, the pure terror really shines through.

Written by Erik Hendrix, with artwork by Daniel Thollin, The Evil Tree puts its own unique touch on the “group of people isolated in a creepy house in the woods” trope.  Though characters come in the standard two flavors, likable and not, they do something few characters in this situation do. Instead of screaming in horror and being in complete denial that some crazy spooky sh*t is going on, they scream in horror then decide to find out what is causing the crazy, spooky sh*t, and stop it.

I’ll be honest. I am not a big fan of horror comics as a genre, for the exact reason stated above. It is impossible to maintain the tension needed for a good story when there is a month break between issues. The Evil Tree, weighing in at 108 pages is able to solve this issue neatly. The story is well executed, and the art completely fits with this type of storytelling. If you, like me, are a fan of horror movies, but horror comic books have left you wanting, The Evil Tree is the perfect remedy. The Evil Tree is being solicited in next month’s issue of Previews and will be on shelves in September. Check out our sneak peek below.


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