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Batman Psychology Panel Analyzes the Mental Health of the Caped Crusader

Does Batman have PTSD? Why does he fight crime? Why dress like a bat? Why have love affairs with dangerous criminals? More importantly, why keep the pretense of justice when it bit him on the ass too many times?

Of course the best place to discuss Batman’s mental health is at a gathering of comic book aficionados. So join the discussion at the San Diego Comic-Con.

For this hour-long discussion, join psychologists Travis Longley and Robin Rosenberg as they discuss Batman’s mental health with actress Lee Meriwether, executive producer Michael Uslan and comic book artists Len Wein and Steve Engelhart.

If you are interested in the Mental health of the Caped Crusader, please attend the discussion on Thursday June 12th from 2:30-3:30 in room 26AB at the San Diego Comic Con this Summer.

If you must know, if I were Batman, I would retire from crime fighting immediately. I would then use all of my billions of dollars to fund youth programs, and provide free medical care for all of Gotham’s citizens. I would take special interest in mental health and work to prevent the psychosis that affects people of Gotham more than any other city.

I would also strike deals with all the law enforcement agencies in Gotham, possibly the state, and give them some equipment free of charge. It’s funny how the criminal Lex Luthor does more for Metropolis PD than Bruce Wayne ever did for Gotham’s finest.

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