10 More Songs-Countdown to 7

Usually, here in 10 more songs, we give you, well, 10 songs. Today is going to be a little different. First, the greater majority of this list was compiled by our resident Dr. Who Expert, Brent Kincade.

Secondly, we will be giving you one playlist. It will still have 10 songs, but if you start it at about 8:15 (7:15 central) it will play completely though, and by the time it ends, you will have just enough time to make a snack, get all set up on the couch, and enjoy the season seven premiere of Doctor Who!

Enjoy these 10 songs, and the season premiere. Then pop on by afterwards to let us know what you thought!


Did we leave any of your favorites out? Did we include something that you don’t think we should have? Let us know in the comments below.

About the author

Mark Driscoll

When not ranting about the current state of his favorite comics or working on The Magic Cantina, Mark spends a majority of his time renovating his newly purchased, 120 year old Victorian house. Badly. He is very bad at talking about himself in the third person, as he thinks it make him sound pretentious.

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