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When I began writing for Word of the Nerd, the very first post I made was Fashion Friday: Console to Closet, in which I interviewed Amanda McGinnis, creator of Console to Closet.  I first heard about Console to Closet, when Felicia Day broke my heart on The Flog, by including the gamer inspired fashion blog on her “Fave Five”.  It broke my heart, because I had been working on a similar project, and there was just this irrational pang of bitterness that someone else got recognition from my personal hero.  It was a momentary juvenile emotional reaction.  As it turns out, Console to Closet is an amazing Tumblr that I have grown to love, and do not feel any bitterness towards, and Amanda McGinnis is a beautiful person, with amazing ideas, and is truly an inspiration.

Since I’ve grown to love Console to Closet, I was actually quite pleased when Amanda contacted me about her vlog submission to Geek & Sundry.  If you aren’t familiar with Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry, please, do yourself a serious favor, and spend some time getting acquainted.  It’s not just a Youtube channel with geektasticly amazing content, but it is also a hub for an amazing community.

Recently, Geek & Sundry called for community submissions for vlogs to be featured on their channel.  I had considered submitting an entry myself, but the whole video thing seemed a bit intimidating, and alas, I let the deadline slip by before I committed to pushing past my fears.  As it turns out, Amanda’s vlog entry is very similar to one I would have made, and I’m so very glad that she did!  She already has a following, has already been recognized by Felicia Day, herself, and runs a much better chance of being selected that I likely would have.  And one way or another, this is a vlog that needs to happen!  So, if you’re a fan of Console to Closet, give this girl your support!

I’m really excited about it for her, and I hope you’ll take a minute to watch her entry and vote for her!  You can vote once per day, and the competition is pretty steep, so show this girl some love and help her vlog be selected.  There is no sign up or login required to vote, so just click here and vote!  Now and often!

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