Adventure Time Summer Special #1- Review

Adventure Time Summer Special #1 Variant Cover B by Phil McAndrew
Adventure Time Summer Special #1 Variant Cover B by Phil McAndrew

What time is it?


And that means that it is also time for the Adventure Time Summer Special #1 coming straight at your retinal-space courtesy of Boom! Studios.

It’s the first one, so it is also the best Adventure Time Summer Special ever made.

By default.

But defaults don’t mean that this issue got phoned-in it won’t be super-radical and awesome. Because it is both of those things.

As always, this Adventure Time issue offers up a plethora of variant covers and they are all the most delicious of eye candy. Like, where can I get some prints of these so I can frame them and put them in my den? That’s how rad these are. However, the plethora of covers are totally and bodaciously justified because this super awesome summer special is comprised of four separate but equally awesome short stories and that just happens to be the number of covers this summer special boasts.

Coincidence? Probably not.

“Desert Treasure”  by Noelle Stevenson is a beautiful and charming retelling of the age-old story of adventures trying to get past a troll only to find out that there is a toll involved. Otherwise known as the troll-toll. It’s in all the fairytales. Everyone always wants a little cut of that adventuring action. Gold pieces, son. The Billygoat Brothers and The Nightman (link probably not NSFW depending on how cool your boss is) each had their encounter with the troll-toll and now Finn and Jake must also face this fearsome motif.

For my money though, Ryan Pequin’s “Sucker Seeker,” the second story in the set, is like finding shiny gold in a pile of regular gold. It’s all gold, but this one is more shiny and hilarious. I have definitely had that roommate and I had definitely been that roommate. I call it the circle of life.

Adventure Time Summer Special #1 Cover A by Becky Dreistadt
Adventure Time Summer Special #1 Cover A by Becky Dreistadt

Although, the third story in the summer special, “Heart” by Emily Partridge, is also amaze-balls and breathtaking in its own right.  Like for real though. Partridge’s artwork and the sweetness of the storyline are sure to insight a bit of tear-jerking in more than one reader. And just in time for the holiday season.

Because as well all know, August 4th is Billy Bob Thornton’s birthday. And if that isn’t a holiday then I don’t know what is.

Other than New Year’ Day and Independence Day. I’m pretty sure those are holidays.

But they happen on different days depending on which calendar you are using.

But we digress.

“A Penny Burned” written and illustrated by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt switches up the style of the summer special a bit and replaces Finn and Jake with their fantastically-awesome female counterparts Fiona and Cake. It’s a mad dash to make some quick cash and buy a ticket into some convention or other filled with adventurers, heroes, hero-worshippers and more than one jerkbag. The action gets awesome as stereotypical gender roles and stupid gender discrimination’s get punched right in their stupid faces.

On the real though, Adventure Time Summer Special #1 lives up to the hype It is both summer time and this issue is super-filled with awesomely special stories that entertain and excite in true Adventure Time fashion.



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