Review – Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel #1
Captain Marvel #1


This is one very odd comic. And I don’t mean in the fact that it took a break for several months, unnecessarily relaunching with a new #1 issue. I mean in the fact that Captain Marvel #1 delivers a perfect taste of what made this comic so popular in the first place…and then promises to ditch all of that for something more ridiculous. What sort of comic does that to itself?

The first volume of Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick, and others was a delightful read that balanced Carol Danvers’ personal life with her superheroic adventures. Carol hung out with her best friends, juggled some romance, and fought some of her greatest enemies. She also had an adorable relationship with the youngster Kit, her biggest fan. It was a great comic.

And for most of Captain Marvel #1, DeConnick and artist David Lopez take us back to that magical time. Carol, Kit and her mom are living in the Statue of Liberty, she holds a birthday party for her old friend Tracy, Carol is fighting bad guys with Iron Man, and she’s even in a relationship with War Machine (where did that come from?)! It’s a wonderful, entertaining comic. DeConnick has such a strong handle on Carol as a person that she’s fun to read in any situation, from getting cozy with Rhodey to bantering with Tony to telling Kit it’s time for bed. DeConnick’s skill with humor is top notch, and all of it is down-to-earth and character-based. That makes it funnier. The comic is just straight fun to read. There are many very good reasons why Marvel brought the series back instead of cancelling it outright.

Iron Man's Clever
Tony is a clever guy


Though after reading Captain Marvel #1, I’m a little scared that Marvel brought it back.

Everything I just talked about, with Kit, Rhodey, Iron Man and the rest? That all happens ‘Six Months Ago.’ Apparently the good stuff is all just prologue to get Captain Marvel to travel into outer space to be the Avengers’ liaison to all that cosmic stuff. The issue opens with Captain Marvel as part of some ragtag team of random aliens, on some random planet, doing random scoundrel things. I’m worried. The scene is written to DeConnick’s usual standards, and it’s kind of funny at times. But what business does Captain Marvel have trying to ape Firefly? Why take Carol away from what we already love and enjoy?

Don’t get me wrong, I have all the faith in the world in this comic and DeConnick. But as a fan, I’m a little worried about this new direction. Will DeConnick and Lopez recapture the Captain Marvel magic? I’m willing to give them a chance, especially since Lopez has a nice, steady hand at the artwork. Everyone is nicely drawn, expressive, and he definitely puts Carol front and center. Hopefully he can handle whatever alien landscapes Carol is sent into, and that his aliens are more than just Star Trekkers with facial prosthetics. If we’re going to be stuck with Captain Marvel in space, I hope they can make it worth our while.

But I am really going to miss Kit, otherwise known as Lieutenant Trouble.

Rating – 9/10.

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