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5 Comics Not To Miss This Week


Lots of great books taken off the beaten path this week.  Tech Jacket, the hit mini turned ongoing debuts its #1.  In the year 2061, the Fantastic Four is still going strong in 100th Anniversary Special #1 Fantastic Four.  Kieron Gillen’s Uber begins a new three issue story arc in the acclaimed war drama.  The new Superman of Earth 2 faces the original Superman who’s now working for Darkseid.  White Suits #4 brings the groundbreaking mini series to a close.  We’ve sorted through this week’s comic book releases to bring you in no particular order the five comic books that you should simply not miss this week!


Tech Jacket #1

Tech Jacket #1

A new ongoing series from the creative team who brought you the hit TECH JACKET DIGITAL mini! Zack Thompson: community college dropout, lives with his parents… This is who protects us from what lies beyond our world?! But he’s also Tech Jacket, the self-styled “Galactic Guardian of Earth,” and when a big-ass space ship enters Earth’s orbit, Zack will face the greatest challenge of his life!

Written by: Joe Keating
Art by: Khary Randolph
Cover Art by: Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez

From Image Comics

100th Anniversary Special #1 Fantastic Four

100th Anniversary Special #1 Fantastic Four

A REMARKABLE ARTIFACT FROM THE FUTURE OF MARVEL COMICS! It’s 2061 and the world of the Fantastic Four has turned upside-down, complete with the granddaughter of Doom…and the Richards-Banner twins?

Written by: James Stokoe
Art by: Joanna Estep
Cover Art by: Joanna Estep

From Marvel Comics

Uber #15

Uber #15

KIERON GILLEN and DANIEL GETE begin a frightening new three part story taking readers deep into the carnage of the extended World War. After the horrible strike on England, Sieglinde is on the run. Exhausted, run-down, and nearly out of energy, this may be the opportunity the Allies have dreamed of – elimination of a Battleship Uber. Join the ranks of fans who are hailing Uber as the best new comic series of 2013. Available with Regular, War Crimes, and Wraparound covers by Daniel Gete, Propaganda Poster cover by Michael Dipascale, and a special Blitzkrieg Incentive cover also by Gete.

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Daniel Gete
Cover Art by: Daniel Gete

From Avatar Press

Earth 2 #25

Earth 2 #25

In this extra-sized issue, Val-Zod finally accepts his role as the new Superman of Earth 2 as he faces the twisted, brutal original Superman, who once protected the planet but now prepares it for Apokolips and the forces of Darkseid.

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott
Cover Art by: Andy Kubert

From DC Comics

White Suits #4

White Suits #4

The final pieces of the bloodstained puzzle fall into place to reveal the awful truth behind the White Suits’ reign of terror. The truth is all former Suit Prizrak and FBI agent Sarah Anderson ever wanted…but it may be the last thing they ever get!

Written by: Frank J. Barbiere
Art by: Toby Cypress
Cover Art by: Toby Cypress

From Dark Horse Comics


Do you disagree with any of our choices?  Did something from your pull-list not make it here?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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