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Nerd Bytes 57 – Marvel Future, Fox Under Siege & More


Nerd Bytes is all the news nerds love to hear from comic book, movie, television, video game and other nerdy industries. We know you can’t catch it all in your fast-paced lives, so we catch it for Nerd Bytes is all the news nerds love to hear from comic book, movie, television, video game and other nerdy industries. We know you can’t catch it all in your fast-paced lives, so we catch it for you and post it here in easy to read Nerd Bytes. One stop shopping for the Nerd Brain! Enjoy!


Nerd BytesTOY BYTE: Are you as much of a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, and New Batman Adventures as I am? How could you not be? They defined what comic-based animated series should be, and then kicked it up a few notches. Well, I have great news for you fans out there. The highly anticipated and long overdue line of toys based on the designs from the hit series New Batman Adventures is finally here! The first figures to be released will include Batman, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and Two-Face and each will include multiple accessories! They are all available for Pre-Order now through, and will be released on November 26th, 2014


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WONDER BYTE: The rumors continue to flow from the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (is that really the name??) camp. This time we may be seeing a possible version of Wonder Woman’s bracelets. You know the ones she deflects bullets with. The comic book versions have been described as;

“The Bracelets of Submission are a pair of indestructible steel cuffs worn by all Amazons of Paradise Island. They serve as a reminder of the years when the Amazons were subjugated under the rule of the treacherous Hercules. Years after gaining their independence however, the Amazons continued to wear the Bracelets as a symbol of their past oppression. Wonder Woman continued to wear a pair of these metal cuffs, each one decorated with a red star along the band. She often used the bracelets to deflect gunfire, small missiles and other projectile weaponry.” – DC Wiki

As you can see from the image to the right Michael Wilkinson, costume designer for BvS:DoJ, seems to have a different vision for the mystical jewelry. The piece depicted could be part of the whole, possibly a full forearm cuff with this design at the top and bottom making the piece more decorative than the comic versions while maintaining functionality. Nerd Bytes will let you know as more information becomes available.


Nerd BytesSCREEN ROUND-UP: Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) has shown little interest in appearing in comic book based movies in the past. She was Marvel Studios’ first choice to play both Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. Much to the delight of Scarlet Johansson and Hayley Atwell, who landed those parts, Blunt passed on both opportunities. A new rumor has Blunt up for an undisclosed role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lets hope she accepts this one.

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Marvel Studios has found a Director for the upcoming Dr. Strange feature film. Their choice, Scott Derrickson, may speak volumes about how they plan to approach the Sorcerer Supreme. Derrickson is best known as the Director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Sinister which are both dark and eerie. Now they can move on to the search for an actor to play the title character. Check out my article Will the Real Dr. Strange Please Stand Up to see who would be my top choices.



Nerd Bytes75th ANNIVERSARY BYTE: DC Entertainment recently declared that July 23, 2014 would be the official “Batman Day” commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the creation of The Dark Knight. Batman has become a pop culture icon and is arguably the most popular superhero character ever. His dark grim visage and his determination in the face of overwhelming odds have allowed him to stand the test of time spanning generations. On July 23rd participating retailers will be providing a FREE version of Detective Comics #27, the book that started it all in 1939, to customers. a new, free version of the original “Detective Comics” #27. This version will be designed by Chip Kidd, and scripted by novelist and DC Veteran Brad Meltzer with current Batman artist Greg Capullo handling the cover. DC Entertainment will also unveil a new timeline poster highlighting various major events in Bat-history including the live-action “Batman” TV series, the 1986 publication of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, and Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy”. in a strange decision DC Entertainment has decided to send the posters to retailers for display only. The poster will not be made commercially, or available for sale.


Nerd BytesMARVEL MOVIE BYTE: Marvel Studios powered by Disney has made no bones about the future of their cinematic universe. With Guardians of the Galaxy set to release in August and Avengers: Age of Ultron primed to blow our minds in 2015, Marvel is now saying that their movie plans stretch as far as 2028. They recently trademarked nine titles that may give us some idea as to what they are up to. Black Panther is an obvious one and with his tie-in to Age of Ultron can a solo film or television series be far behind? Alpha Flight is Canada’s answer to the Avengers and their close ties to the X-Men could cause issues (or alliances) with Fox in the future. Ant-Man is not really news at this point, but where this film is now headed with the departure of Edgar Wright is anyone’s guess. This could be a complete rewrite in the making. New Warriors would make a great cartoon, and could certainly be brought into the universe to jump-start the whole Civil War storyline as the New Warriors did in theNerd Bytes comics with the Stamford Incident. Strikeforce: Morituri would be better suited to serialized television but a movie would be great as well. Earth is under attack from the stars. Military personnel voluntarily undergo a process that gives them powers, but will kill them within a year. Heroes! Journey Into Mystery was once Marvel’s anthology series featuring horror and sci-fi content eventually introducing Thor. This appears to be another Netflix series, but will it be a launching point for the darker side of Marvel, or something else entirely? Rocket Raccoon could get his own feature after Guardians of the Galaxy. Popular theory seems to indicate that the Guardians could be Marvel’s hub franchise as The Avengers get a break after their third feature. Rocket is expected to be a popular character for both films and merchandising. This list is far from everything that Marvel has planned, but it’s a pretty good start. Nerd Bytes is on the job and will keep you in the loop.


Nerd BytesNERDITORIAL: Daniel Kalban , fellow writer here at Word of the Nerd recently wrote an article about rumors swirling lately from Marvel Comics. In his article titled Rumor: Marvel to Suspend Fantastic Four Daniel discusses the possibility that this suspension of the Fantastic Four comics is not about sales, ratings, or any other such metric, but possibly a ploy to wrest the movie rights to Marvel’s First Family away from Fox and back into the hands of those who created the characters. Daniel calls the possibility of Marvel/Disney doing this to sabotage Fox, “incredibly spiteful, and a tad childish”. I see it in an entirely different way. I believe that when Marvel Comics signed the deal giving the movie rights for the Fantastic Four to Fox they expected more from the deal than a less than stellar initial film followed by a complete flop. The recent rumors of a new reboot of the film franchise have been bizarre. There were rumors of a female Doctor Doom, as if a character’s gender would even be discernible when that character wears armor and a hooded cape. This would be change just for the sake of change and would do nothing to make the film better or the franchise more viable. This rumor was proven false when Toby Kebbell was signed to play the villain. The second odd rumor was thatNerd Bytes Johnny Storm would be played by  Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Friday Night Lights), an African-American actor. I have nothing against Jordan or any African-American actors so please save your righteous indignation and wailing cries of racism. Johnny Storm, brother of Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, is white. He’s been white since the inception of the comic in 1964. Why does he suddenly need to be black? Well, two reasons. First, to generate African-American interest in a movie, which I find to be deplorable. Second to gain publicity as the average nerd has no tact and less filter when blowing off steam. It took less than four seconds for the “racism” talk to start after this signing was made official recently. Fox has proven consistently that they have no understanding of the characters or lore that is the Fantastic Four. The simple fact that we’re going to see another origin story with Doctor Doom as the villain proves that they don’t learn from past mistakes, or even present ones. Sony did the same thing with the Spider-Man franchise. Instead of writing new stories they rebooted the origin story and didn’t even do it as well as the Sam Raimi version. The result? Amazing Spider-Man 2 has not met expected sales goals. Why are these movie executives surprised? Movies are too expensive to leave thinking you just saw a repeat.

Bottom line for me? If Marvel is finally fed up with the misuse of their first super-team, I don’t blame them. I’m fed up with it too. If Marvel has started a campaign to actively or passively remove support for the franchise by killing toy lines and suspending comics then I say BRAVO! Fox had their chance and have failed miserably, and it seems they intend to continue to fail by rehashing old stories with characters that have nothing to do with the franchise. I implore you Fox, let this go. Sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney for millions, which is more than you’ll make on another bad film. Then take all of that creative free-time and create your own original superhero team with whoever you want as actors, and villains, because they are yours and you can do that!



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