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I’m sure you have all heard of the flaming train wreck that is Zoe Quinn. If not, welcome to the world out from under your rock. Take my hand and I will be your guide through this completely fruitloop bonkers drama.


Uh oh.


I came upon this pop-corn worthy hot mess in /r/SubredditDrama where the title /r/gaming mods are deleting every comment that is made on one of their top posts that about a topic that reddit is suppressing instantly caught my eye. What in the world could Reddit, a place that prides itself on information and discussion – a place violently against censorship, be suppressing?

A post from /u/pocl13 summed it up nicely:



  • Woman (Quinn) makes a flash based game (more of one of those text based choose your own adventure things) about battling depression
  • The game receives critical acclaim from gaming journalist websites, and makes its way onto Steam
  • Quinn’s ex boyfriend releases chat logs about her cheating on him with various men
  • Some of these men are key players in gaming journalism, and are responsible for the positive press Quinn’s game received
  • Mods of gaming forums including /r/gaming, /r/Games and 4chan’s /v/ are removing all traces of this drama. At least one mod from /r/gaming talked to Quinn on Twitter beforehand.


Well now. The plot certainly thickens. The thread in question is certainly rife with anger – and not at what most people would have you believe, judging by twitter and other social media. There is a white-wash campaign to make this drama appear as if it is simply because she is a woman who goes against traditional conservative sexual values – but if you note in the top comments, that’s not the case at all here.

What has struck a nerve with the gaming community is two things: the absolutely horrifying professional & journalistic integrity of those involved and the fact that discussion about the issue is being swiftly & violently silenced. A look at the thread in question notes a plethora of deleted posts.  But wait, there’s more!


KnowMatter 1626 points 21 hours ago*

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Some people created a Subreddit to discuss the issue freely. The entire Subreddit just got banned.

What the fuck Reddit, what the actual fuck.

I have never been so disappointed in Reddit mods as I am now.

So apparently not only we not free to discuss this issue in this Subreddit, we are not free to do it ANYWHERE on Reddit.


The Subreddit had, as of the time writing this, ceased to exist. That takes the hand of an admin to do. All sorts of disgusting Subreddits continue to exist, like /r/picsofdeadkids – but a sub dedicated to discussing the Zoe drama? Nuked.

It is spreading all across the internet – in the PC gaming subreddit, mods are removing content while other mods reinstate it. Vote brigading to hide posts and threads are launching. Mods are telling people to “fuck off” when users are requesting one of the compromised moderators to be removed:

“Fuck off”


Looks like a case of the “fuck offs” has compromised /r/pcgaming too


What in the seven hells is happening? Then the other screenshots, blog posts, and chat logs started rolling in.  A post by her now ex boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, published this entry – which seems to be what got heads rolling. In it, he details her infidelity with gaming journalists, her seemingly pathological lying, and includes screenshots of conversations where she dreams of taking down the industry from the top and “destabilizing” it.


The plot continues to thicken
The plot continues to thicken



Whoa. Wow. Okay. Strong words there. Calm down, Che. Because in doing all this – you’ve become someone who is no longer worth looking up to. All of your credibility is gone. You are a liar – and not only lie, but using dishonest means to get great reviews on a garbage game that trivializes depression. Lets get to that, shall we?

Anywhere that is not being strong armed to support the game by social activists or employs people she slept with is just blasting the damned thing. From a Redditor who played the game:

delirament 14 points 17 hours ago*

Ok so non-scandal related!


I just played through the entire game to get to the “good” ending after hearing about all of this.


I’ve been suffering from depression since 13. This is not a good depression game. I do not feel like this will allow people without depression to understand what it is actually like. To a certain extent, I feel like it trivializes depression.


You know what a more authentic depression experience is?


You try drugs. THEY DON’T WORK. THEY GIVE YOU HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS (sometimes even making you suicidal!)


Doctor says, ok we’ll try you on another.


IT DOESN’T WORK. You feel like nothing can ever make you better.


You try yet another. This one makes your anxiety worse.


Each time it takes you 4-6 weeks of trying the medication (that’s how long it takes to kick in).


Also everyone in the game is so supportive.


Try, “depression isn’t real”, “if you continue failing out of school, we’ll disown you”, “we’re ashamed you’re our daughter”, “let’s break up, I don’t think I can handle being there for you, it’s too much for me to bear”.


What if you force yourself to go to all the social gatherings (like how the game clearly believes is part of the cure) but your brain chemistry just makes you depressed?


The ramifications weren’t even serious. You get insomnia, and you decide to go on the computer cause you can’t sleep (only option available), and the next day you’re fine? Why not try, you get insomnia every night and eventually get fired for falling asleep on the job.


This is a shit game. I do not believe that any good reviews are deserved.


Edit: also, most people with depression have to try multiple therapists before finding the right one. Some therapists are just bad. I had a counsellor that suggested that I not report sexual assault, psychologist that diagnosed that I couldn’t have ADHD (which I do have) because “you did well in school earlier on, and ADHD is mostly for kids”.


The game trivializes exactly how hard it is to get better for depression sufferers.


Rickie, a gamer commenting on the drama via Facebook, adds:


downloaded the “game” and played through it several times.  first of all, THANK THE GODS that you can turn the sound off… if she was actually trying to make people upset, the same boring cycle of slow piano chords ceaselessly droning in the background definitely was a good start.


for a game that is mostly comprised with text and story driven, it’s not going to win any writing awards, and definitely has some major grammatical issues. It also literally defeats the purpose of gaming for most people (escapism, fun, excitement, etc.), and thrusts you into an extremely boring story filled with a 2-dimensional protagonist (you) and 1-dimensional supporting characters. It was utterly annoying that any and all “good” choices in this choose your own adventure story were crossed out, and the only choices you were allowed to make were either self-destructive or passive aggressive.


plus, it was a little weird that the main character is actually doing pretty well overall. has a decent job, has a great girlfriend that’s super understanding and supportive, family that also are nice and helpful. purposely choosing self-destructive behavior to drive people away just resulted in the glaringly obvious to happen (treat gf really terrible and she leaves), and removes the more passive aggressive choices to only leave the more self-destructive ones (except adopting a cat adds one or two new options to play with the cat randomly instead of watching Netflix) but the ending is still pretty much the same boring ending as when you choose all the good things.


overall impression: somewhere between ‘meh’ and ‘why would anyone play this?’


Well, there you go. I refuse to purchase it myself because I am not giving one red cent to anything in her general direction. But what if you are critical of her or her game in any way?


InternetAristocrat’s comment on his YouTube video “Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga” seems to ring true here:


“Strange isn’t it? MundaneMatt’s video is taken down. A website, Gamesnosh, which was one of the only sites talking about this is suddenly giving a 403 error. Zoe has had conversations on twitter with senior mods on r/gaming and suddenly all comments disappear. Threads are being deleted on /v/, /b/, and /pol/. At this point she has to be fucking the President for this sort of power.”


The Streisand Effect is in full swing for this – for whatever reason, the issue was silenced by mods and admins on multiple boards including Reddit, 4chan, and comment fields on gaming websites – and now, it is out of control. That is the issue that is bringing anger.

No one cares who she banged. No one cares who she cheated on. Theres only marginal care that she had sex in exchange for good reviews on a horrible, shitty game. The anger here in this issue is over the fact that dissenting opinions are being silenced. Deleted. Banned. Removed.

For what reason? What are they protecting? Why are they protecting her like this? Why are people compromising their journalistic and professional integrity, breaking the trust of their readers, to silence this issue and protect her?

Even more infuriating (if you can believe it gets more infuriating) is the fact that it is coming to light she has made it all up. The harassment.  The doxxing. The threats. It seems to all be fabricated in an effort to gain support from the twitter, tumblr, and social justice/feminism crowd to keep her afloat.



Know Your Meme gives a very detailed timeline complete with screenshots HERE. The plot thickens to almost a solid when Phil Fish gets involved – calling everyone who was critical of her “essentially rapists”- a tweet that was almost instantly deleted, but not before someone’s print screen button went off:


Phil Fish: essentially devaluing rape experiences
Phil Fish: essentially devaluing rape experiences


If you’re still a bit lost, one of the /r/PCGaming members put up a summary to date:

PSA: The Zoe Quinn conspiracy and its implications on gaming journalism.

submitted 1 day ago * by ImSurroundedByBosonsi7-3770k @ 4.5 GHz + 780ti 2-way SLI @ 1150 Mhz


Here is a YouTube video that is worth the watch regarding what (maybe) happened and how it affects us. I don’t know how true all of this is, but it is certainly thought provoking.


Here is the audio from the YouTube video that was taken down (mentioned in the YouTube video above)


Better yet, his reuploaded video –


For shits: TotalBiscuits words on the issue –


Redditor was doxxed and his game jam charity stopped –


Twitter: They want it to “blow over” –


Link to WizardChan vs. Zoe Quinn –


Quinns Response –


So, let’s get to Quinn’s response, the last link above right there ^

Oh boy. Here we go.

Oh, she’s not going to talk about anything relating to an ex boyfriend because it’s not “any of our goddamned business” – no, I’m sorry, you fucking reviewers to push your awful game out front is totally the gaming community’s business. Sure, people do it every day, blah blah blah – but you got caught

Proliferation of nude photos? They were professionally taken for a “for pay” Deviant’s site. It’s not like someone posted photos you gave in private.

The doxxing? That you made up? That all the information turned out to be false on? The harassment you blamed on WizardChan, then on 4Chan? Please.




Here we go. The feminist rant claiming that now the “agenda” was clear – SUPPRESS ALL WIMMINZ, GET THEM OUT OF OUR CLUBHOUSE.

Oh shut up.  Way to try to play the poor, poor, victim and whitewash yourself. What you (and the people participating in it) did was wrong. You are a liar, seemingly emotionally abusive, and of questionable ethics if the statements about how you got the few good reviews that you did manage to get are true.

The industry isn’t the problem. You are the problem. Using your vagina to get ahead in the industry, bribing people to give you good reviews on something that didn’t deserve them, and now – though some divine act of I’m sure hilarious creation – everything about you that is possible to be controlled is being silenced.

That is why people are angry. No one cares who you had sex with, how many people you had sex with, or what side of the gender line your ‘sex equipment’ is.

People care that you are dishonest and that you are using DMCA take-downs and harassment claims to remove any criticism of your bullshit. And they should.


The reputations of all involved are tarnished, male and female alike. The journalistic entities are tarnished. Hiding behind false harassment claims and pulling the feminism card isn’t going to save you. You did a shitty thing, continue to do shitty things, and the internet will never forget. Ask Anita, I’m sure she can tell you all about it. I see that you are labeling all women who are speaking out against you as ‘perpetuating the misogyny” – come at me, Quinn.

And just to top it all off: A Redditor posted this little piece of heaven – an indie dev friend of his telling him to cease his (previous issue) discussions on his professional wall for fear of retaliation. NICE.


"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."


Word of the Nerd will continue to cover this story as new elements develop. And I will personally continue to be infuriated by the dishonesty and poor ethics of this whole circus show.



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