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For those who know me as well as I know myself they will know that I am not an avid comic book reader. I do not pour hour upon hour on the creative medium of comics. I do look at hidden gems that hide amongst the big names. In terms of comics this will be DC and Marvel. There is a comic book shop, Page 45, that is in Nottingham. For my American readers – No, I do not know Robin Hood as he is dead. Long time dead. Yes, we still have the honorary title of Sheriff. I will say hello to Robin and the Sheriff for you.

Anyway, I know nothing about comics. What I do know are things I love and enjoy. I do know there is a place who knows so much about comics *cough* Page 45 *cough* who were an absolute treasure with helping me with this article. I bumbled around the shop marvelled by the artwork, colours, and the rows of literature but I was guided to some British gems that you should read.

Within this article will be links to the reviews of the comics by Page 45 staff, unless I have a personal copy of the comic. If I do, you’ll have to read my enthusiastic ramblings. So here are 5 hidden British Comic-Book Gems that you should give a try. Click on the author’s name for their personal sites and the titles give link to Page 45 staff reviews.


This delightful little book is one of the few items I have that I will become un-British and do more than tut when taken from me. I love the illustration style and I certainly adore the humour that litters this comic book. It’s also a lovely portable size and now lives in my bag.

The first few pages highlights the true spirit of queuing. That the majority of us will wait, once we’ve joined a queue and become invested, hours for something. Maybe even weeks. We will do the little dance of needing toilet and cause bladder pain from holding it in.

Lunney delights us with the art of not worrying by inspecting a rabbit’s brain, tetris tears, balloon friends, and what happens every time when on the log flume. A true insight into the world of theme parks and other interesting bits that you certainly need to read about.



This story seems to be an interesting insight into the human mind. The numbers begin to appear in places that were everyone would see and could not be missed. The numbers changed, they began to count down, and panic began to ensue. Berry says “This story is about life and death.” If you wish for something that is not about Superman, Batman, and all about superheroes then this is for you.


the-end-Preview 1

The End Preview 2

the-end- preview 3

Colin and Pauline slip out of the comic book world into reality. Join them as they wander through my home city of Nottingham. The quaint cardboard cutouts are amusing and a delight to the eyes. If you need to fill the time between now and receiving the book then you should take a peek at “My Cardboard Life“. Once you’ve been there then you’ll find yourself eager for the hardback more than before.


We're Out Cover464748

When people think of comic books there is often an image of a teenager or adult that comes to mind. Often there is superheroes and super villains. Hilda & The Midnight Giant was Winner of the British Comics Award 2012 in the best Young Readers. This book contains hidden wonders and most importantly, a marvelous joke about tea. That is always an extra point in my eyes.

Hild & The Midnight Giant

This book will allow every small moment become a beautiful thing to capture. Follow the lives of different people. Mark, the assistant chef, Mr Dunn in room 9, and Jake, who is done with school for the day. Jake plays on the PS3 and is awed by the alien sunset. It is a visually compelling piece of work that will pull you in and has often been said that is uniquely stunning.


Dockwood Preview 1

Dockwood Preview 2

Here of small sample to widen your mind, to soak up British creativity and potentially British humour. I will enlighten and educate you further on the great wonders hidden in the mainstream industry through our wonderful friends at Page 45. Take a peek at their site, let them introduce you to new and wonderful things. If there is anything you think I should have a look at just leave a comment. I will happily take suggestions!


To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.

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