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Nerd BytesAPOCALYPSE BYTE: The next installment of Fox’s X-Men movie series, X-Men: Apocalypse, is being touted as the most game-changing installment yet. How is that even possible considering that the last installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past, re-wrote everything we have seen to date on the big screen? While I do agree with that questions to a point I think this may be the pivotal story in the series. It could very well determine the future of the X-Men franchise. I know…dramatic, here’s why. First, this is likely the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. There may never have been a better example of casting than this one, with the possible exception of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. He’s going to be difficulty to replace, but for the X-Men to continue, their most popular member will have to be on the team. Second, there has been some (and I mean a lot) of speculation as to the return of some key characters. Jean Grey (Marvel Girl/Phoenix), Scott Summers (Cyclops), and even Professor X, from our timeline, are likely to return after Days of Future Past mashed the reset button with both hands. Finally, with the revelation of the X-Men’s long-time and possibly most dangerous foe some other characters may finally get introduced specifically Cable and Deadpool. Yes, I know that Deadpool was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, well something resembling Deadpool was in that film. Lets just say that at some point the “merc with a mouth” was replaced by a shape-shifter, maybe Morph, who was then tortured and altered into that disturbing creature that Wolverine fought. That was not Deadpool! Stay tuned to Nerd Bytes for more information as it becomes available.



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MYTHBUSTERS BYTE: Sad news is being reported from the shows’ lead scientists Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. They announced that their crew of crazy theory testers, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are leaving the series after the Thursday, Aug. 21 episode of the hit Discovery show. Word is that a new direction is in order for the show when it returns with new episodes. From the sounds of it, it’s more of a new, old direction as they plan to go back to the original two-man concept of proving or debunking urban myths and theories. The trio who spent a decade together blowing things up in the name of science tweeted their goodbyes with Byron promising, “there will be exciting new adventures for us”. I hope that’s true! As much as I love the Mythbusters over the past decade it was due in large part o the humor, knowledge, and just plain enthusiasm of Imahara, Belleci, and Byron. If they do reappear on your television dial it may have something to do with getting more kids, specially girls, involved with S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Byron has been spending time at the White House pushing her agenda, and Imahara was recently awarded a “Geekie Award” for his web series Trek Continues, which also promotes interests in S.T.E.M..



Nerd BytesSCREEN ROUND-UP: A curious plot point has emerged from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman News is reporting that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) will attend an underground, mixed martial arts fight in the film. Hey, if you’re going to go up against Superman you better be at the absolute top of your game. Besides, what happen in underground mixed martial arts club, stays in underground mixed martial arts club. Box office success is nothing new to Marvel Studios. Not only did the little known Marvel Comics property Guardians of the Galaxy destroy all expectations and break records for August releases, but it did something else truly amazing the film found itself back in the top spot after two weeks behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Granted this is probably partly due to movie-goers finally being over Michael Bay. Marvel’s success may continue to breedNerd Bytes opportunities, and taking a little-known property mainstream may mean some other obscure characters may get a shot. Rumors are surfacing again about a potential Power Pack feature. Finally a movie for kids, about kids. Power Pack told the story of the children of a scientist whose experiments garner the attention of alien races. When their parents are kidnaped by the opportunistic lizard-like Snarks the kids, Alex (age 12), Julie (10), Jack (7), and Katie (5), are granted great powers by a dying Kymellian to save them and Earth. This seems like a perfect choice for the Disney owned Marvel Studios. Speculation went into overdrive again over some curious casting for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Joss Whedon has said that three will be four prominent female roles in the film. If you include Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Maria Hill as the first three, who is the fourth? Many are hoping that it will be Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Some have gone so far as to see the casting of little known actress Aurora Fearnley as “Marine”, according to IMDB as “evidence”. This is a huge stretch. If Marvel Studios wants to develop a strong female character, which we know they do. If they intend to Nerd Bytesintroduce and develop Captain Marvel, which even Kevin Fiege has admitted to planning. When asked about Captain Marvel and Black Panther solo plans he responded;

“Absolutely. Should I announce it? No, I’m not announcing. But it’s something…they are both characters that we like, that development work has been done on and is continuing to be done on.”

While I think that Captain Marvel would be a great addition to Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a very strong female character to develop into a solo property, I really feel that casting an unknown would be a bad move. Marvel Studios has managed to find some great actors to portray key characters and most of them have had existing box office presence. Who do you think would make a perfect Carol Danvers? How about Amber Heard (Drive Angry), or Elisha Cuthbert (24, The Girl Next Door), just a thought.



NERDITORIAL: It is almost time for the new season of television and I have prepared two Top 5 lists of highly anticipated shows, one for returning shows, and one for new shows. These lists will not surprise you much if you know me at all. You may or may not agree but these shows will either make this the greatest season of television ever, or if they fail to live up to the hype, they could make it the most disappointing season. Lets start with the returning shows…

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#5 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: This one might be a surprise to many, but I did give this a lot of thought and I stand by my decision. Agents of SHIELD was highly anticipated last year in its first season but it failed to live up to the hype in the first half of last year. The shows were a bit corny, didn’t include enough Marvel Comics characters or references, and just failed to wow the audience. The second half of the season was the diametric opposite. Spinning out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier the shows’ plot adopted the story of Hydra’s infiltration and ultimate dismantling of SHIELD. The shows were brilliant and finally demonstrated the type of writing that fans had been expecting all along. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appears at the end of the season naming Agent Coulson as the new Director of SHIELD, tasking him with rebuilding the organization the right way. This is why I think this show has the potential to be one of the best of 2014.

#4 Justified: This great show will also be celebrating its sixth and final season on FX. The characters were based on those created by Elmore Leonard and show writers had no small task creating the dialog for the show. For five seasons they did it beautifully. I expect no less in the final season. In the words of Timothy Olyphant in a Variety interview said that Justified can only end its run in one way, “It has to come down to Ava and Boyd and Raylan.” Of all the relationships in this truly character driven show one surpassed the rest by a long shot and that is the complicated relationship between Boyd Crowder and Raylan Givens. They were childhood friends who went separate ways. Crowder followed the family into crime, while Givens bucked the family traditions and left Harlan Kentucky to become a U.S. Marshall. I don’t know yet when this will air, probably late season. Nerd Bytes will keep you posted!  

#3 Game of Thrones: This show, based on George R.R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Ice and Fire has yet to fail to exceed viewer expectations. No one is safe in this world of politics and treachery. Ned Stark played by Sean Bean, possibly the shows’ best known actor, didn’t even make it through season one. Some episodes, like season three’s “Red Wedding”, or Seasons four’s “Purple Wedding” have been so shocking that fans blew up Twitter with both discontent and rave reviews. Season five will be no different. Just don’t get too used to any of the cast. This one won’t air until April of 2015, so hang in there.

Nerd Bytes#2 Sons of Anarchy: This is the final season for the Redwood Originals. The first six seasons ranged from heart-wrenching, to tragic, to downright brutal. This show is a bit of a guilty pleasure because the protagonists of the FX show are a gun-dealing biker gang, and yet the writers find ways for us to care about them and even cheer for them. The seventh and final season promises an ending the like of which we may not be prepared for, and may not want to see. The writers have held no character above the story killing so many that we have forgotten most of them. The news reports and previews have promised massacres and brutality. Who will be left standing. I’m betting on Wayne Unser, the former cop who turned a blind eye to club activities and retired under their protection. He has cancer but it would be an interesting irony if he was the last man standing. Sons of Anarchy premiers on September 9th!  

#1 The Walking Dead: Surprised? I doubt it. Season five will be huge in so many ways. It’s a new start after so much time fighting the lunacy of the Governor. Most of the remaining group led by Rick have found each other at the mysterious town of Terminus, where they found nothing but more trouble. Carol, Tyreese, and baby Judith are still on their own and Beth has been kidnapped. Captured but not yet beaten, how will our heroes escape the town of Terminus, find their remaining members and find another safe haven in a world where the only things more dangerous than The Walking Dead are the living. Here is the latest teaser for Season 5 which will air on AMC TV on October 8th. 



 I want to give a few shows an honorable mention. They just missed the Top 5 but with two of my choices in their final seasons and one on the bubble any of these gems could jump into their spot this season. First, CW’s show Arrow has been well written, well acted and sets the trend for comic book related shows. Second, Person of Interest has the best cast on television and some terrific writing. The shows are smart, action packed, and emotional. Great show! Finally, HBO’s True Detective is a shoe-in for one of the top spots after this season. I know you all have opinions out three, lets hear them! Stay tuned in two weeks for my Top 5 New Shows for the 2014 Season!

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