Comic Review – Charmed Season 10 #1

Charmed 10.1 pic 1 (416x640)Writer: Pat Shand

Artwork: Eliza Feliz

Colours: Valentina Cuomo

Letters: Jim Campbell

Publisher: Zenescope

Release Date: October 8th 2014


Based on the TV Series by Constance M. Burge, The Charmed ones return in an all new adventure. David Seidman does a commendable job of creating a close likeness of Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan, the Charmed actors. The tentacles wrapped round the sisters are a little unnerving, and the way Seidman has made them look evil makes me apprehensive about what I’m going to find within its pages, but there’s only one way to quell my fears, so here goes.


Pat Shand, a familiar name to those who used to watch the Charmed Series, like myself, does a fantastic job of capturing that very same comical yet serious essence the TV show established. It’s easy to picture the actors and actresses saying these lines, and why would it not be, Shand did write many an episode for the show. It’s refreshing to see the same quality of writing translated from small screen to comic book.  The story is fantastic: the girls are in trouble, yet again, and they manage to work together, while being able to use their individual powers effectively, to defeat the demons and save the day. It doesn’t differ from what the style the TV show has already established, yet again it’s not supposed to, it works fantastically as another series but presented in a different format.


Charmed 10.1 pic 2

I do have a problem with the artwork though. There is no doubt Eliza Feliz is a talented artist; the attention to detail on the Manor, the weapons and the powers prove that, the problem I have is the girls look nothing like how they’re supposed to. Maybe I’m not being fair, but the representation of the girls on the front cover is kinda how I expected them to look throughout, but they just don’t. The faces look rushed, like they’re drawn at the last-minute, which isn’t what you want from a comic book furthering a very popular show.


Overall, the story is fantastic: it feels just like an episode of Charmed, but it’s let down by sub-par artwork. It has the potential to be a fantastic comic series, but not if this level of artwork continues. I really hope to see an improvement in the next issue.


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