Comic Review – Hexed #3

Hexed 3 pic 1Created and Written by: Michael Alan Nelson

Illustrated by: Dan Mora

Colours by: Gabriel Cassata

Letters by: Ed Dukeshire

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Release Date: October 8th 2014


Credit where credit’s due: Emma Rios has done an excellent job on the cover art, it’s both simple and yet incredibly intricate at the same time- the way the three main starting characters are portrayed as being close together, in various states of health, while being overshadowed by a huge masked figure, is genius.


Following on from this, the attention to detail Mora puts in to the rest of the comic is fantastic. Not only are the facial expressions spot on (or as spot on as they can be for a clearly meant-to-be-cartoonish person) but the everyday items, such as bus shelters, buildings and items of clothing, to the more extra ordinary items like ‘The Sisters Wheel”, a spell seal Lucifer cast to aid her passage home.  Yet again, Mora has managed to surpass the quality of his previous work with that which graces these pages. Each page is filled with such an impressive display of artwork; it’s easy to tell why it takes so long for comics like this to be created. Credit must also go to Cassata, for without his colouring the artwork wouldn’t have such an impact. The colours are carefully chosen, they have a specific purpose, which is why they work so well.

Hexed 3 pic 2

Coupled with the fantastic artwork is an equally impressive storyline. I know it’s only 3 issues in, but the storyline has been consistently impressive throughout. The past issues have helped to strengthen our knowledge of the characters, while establishing new relationships between some of them, strengthening old ones, and creating new enemies. There is plenty of time to improve on this: the story is incomplete, and it’s because of that I’m not going to worry too much about the fact that there’s still so much we don’t know about the characters- Lucifer in particular.


Overall, this is a very strong addition to the series so far. The storyline is progressing well, the characters are developing at a decent rate, and the consistently impressive level of artwork to accompanied by an equally as impressive storyline, makes this an easily enjoyable comic book series. I know I say this a lot, but I can’t wait to see what happens next in Hexed.


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