Comic Review – Sundowners #3

  • Sundowners pic #1Script: Tim Seeley
  • Art: Jim Terry
  • Colours: Sean Dove
  • Letters: Crank!
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Release Date: October 29th 2014


To those of you who haven’t read any of this series… where have you been? I admit, it took me a while to warm up to the idea of this, but man am I glad I did. If you’re just tuning in now, here’s what you’ve missed: The Sundowners are a band of misfits… each with their own problems, who join together to talk about their issues. Think of it as a support group for people with imaginary/ psychotic (you’ll understand when you read)powers. This lovely issue continues where the last left off: Mr Volf in trouble, and the rest of the Sundowners having to battle their own demons, as well as each other’s in order to even come close to being able to save him from his.

Let me begin by saying that the cover for this, as created by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi is weirdly wonderful. It’s not like an ordinary comic book cover; the colours contrast in a spectacular fashion, and the artwork is just plain weird, but for some strange reason it works. So, Kudos to them for managing to pull off something like this.

Sundowners pic #2

The artwork inside is much like the artwork on the front cover. They’re both created by different people, with Terry having the honour of illustrating the pages of this comic, and what a good job he’s done. It’s different to what I’m accustomed to; the images are dark and dangerous (if that makes sense to you all), but then again, so is the storyline. Seeley has done an exceptional job of making this as dark as possible, with as many bleeped out swear words as I’ve ever seen in a comic, but a very good read at the same time. The issues touched upon in this book range from psychological issues to physical problems, so there’s something most people can relate to, which is why this works so well.

The artwork and the storyline work fantastically well together, allowing the reader to not only read what is happening, but to actually see it in fantastic detail.

As I have already said, this isn’t the type of book I’m used to reading, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this issue for what it is, as opposed to what it isn’t. It’s NOT a book about superheroes battling crime and evil villains on order to save the day; IT’S a book about a group of people battling serious mental and physical issues, who just so happen to have been dragged into helping each other along the way.

The premise of the book is one I’m surprised hasn’t been covered before, and it’s for that reason I seriously urge you to consider reading the rest of this series, as I most certainly will be.


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