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Monomino is a PC game that could be coming out on the Android. The game is made by final year students at Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive & Digital Media in Singapore. The publisher is Degica. They also managed to gain a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia. Also, they have reached PlayStation®First Academic Partner status and thus becoming the first academic partner in Asia.


The aim of the game is to help the babies, Monominos, home. Every time the parent squares kiss, a square baby appears and it’s your job, using different shape,s to complete their path and get these babies home. As the levels advance, it becomes quite easy for the baby fall to its death or become trapped, destined to never make it home.

It certainly gets tougher, and your reaction time needs to get quicker. Especially if a shape needs turning (using Q and E on the keyboard). Your spatial awareness will come into play in this cute little game. As the game goes on you won’t initially have all the pieces required. You have to direct the Monominos into the path of the white bubble with the additional piece in, and then more challenges present themselves as you go along. You will eventually be able to get power ups to help you with the game. You can fast forward the Monominos or pause the game, so don’t worry if you already figured out the path or need a moment to think. I had to restart a few levels several times as I couldn’t figure out how to save them, several times there were only 1 – 3 babies left out of 6-10 babies that were made.

Monomino Screenshot 3

Visually the game is very “cute” and brightly coloured. It’s simple but definitely ideal for a puzzle game like this that would be appreciated by casual gamers. With 100 levels to do and each level being rated out of 3 stars (like Angry Bird levels) it certainly something quick and easy to play on those boring commutes and journeys.The music initially is quite fun but after the 20th level it started to annoy me. However, that really isn’t an issue as I just pressed mute after a while.

Monomino Screenshot 2

Overall, this is simple, fun, but quite weird game that certainly would suit the casual gamers needs. It definitely would be suitable for a mobile or tablet platform.

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