Review – Supergirl #35

Supergirl #35Writer: Tony Bedard

Artist: Jonboy Meyers

Colourist: HI-FI

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: October 15th 2014


Guillem March and Tomeu Morey have done an exceptional job on the cover art. Red Hood resembles Slade Wilson with his mask, menacing looking eyes and his duel-wielded Katanas, while Kara looks somewhat scared: an emotion no Kryptonian should ever have to feel. It does a fantastic job of setting the tone for the rest of the comic.

Kara has never had an easy life, especially this Kara (New 52), and this issue proves this point perfectly. Continuing on from Supergirl #34, Kara is still in Queens, New York, with Michael and his parents, when an unwelcome visitor interrupts what would have been an otherwise pleasant evening. Red Hood needs help, and Kara is the only person he thought to ask… well, not really ask, more like threaten. Well, you know how the Bat family can be sometimes 😉

Tony Bedard has delivered, yet again, with another sensational storyline, written to perfection. The dialogue between Supergirl and Red Hood switches seamlessly from empty threats to friendly banter, while managing to maintain the dark feel this comic has taken on. The use of language is perfect in conveying the level of seriousness the events inside have undertaken. To follow on from this: There is a clear distinction between Red Hood and Supergirl in the language they use, and how they use them. Kara is prone to sounding innocent and surprised, and example of this is “That actually hurt.” It’s almost like she doesn’t expect bad things to happen, so she’s surprised when they do, whereas Red Hood is completely different –“Good afternoon, you poor, doomed, idiots.”  He comes across as cocky, obviously from his extensive years of experience. It’s very easy to see who has been fighting crime the longest, and it’s also a true testament of the writer’s ability if they’re able to do this over a few pages of 3 sentence speech bubbles.

Accompanying the fantastic storyline is equally as fantastic artwork by Meyers, and colouring by HI-FI. It doesn’t matter how good a storyline Supergirl #35is, if it’s not backed up by good artwork, it’s worth nothing. Luckily this is not the case. There is no doubt what emotion each person is feeling, the attention to detail in that respect, and purely in general, is amazing. What’s also amazing is how Meyers has managed to successfully draw action shots (I’m not taking about fighting scenes, more like Supergirl can move extremely fast, so instead of the floor being one big blur (as per usual) he’s managed to make it look like you’re moving with Kara, as opposed to watching her move (if that makes sense to you guys)) Also, I’m not a Red Hood reader, so I have little knowledge on him as a character, but Meyers has made him look like the troubled Hero, which I’m assuming, as he’s a member of the Bat family, he is.

As amazing as the storyline and artwork were, this felt more like an issue of Red Hood, rather than Supergirl. Kara managed to kick ass, and get a little action (of the other variety), but this storyline mostly centred on Jason. While I enjoy the inclusion of other well-known characters in other comics, they usually take a back seat, or at the very most it turns out to be an equal partnership between the titular character and the ‘special guest’, this issue felt more like ‘Red Hood including Supergirl’, as opposed to ‘Supergirl including Red Hood’. And that’s it as far as criticisms go. Kara is drawn spectacularly well, as per usual, and the storyline is fantastic (even with the aforementioned criticism). This has turned out to be a decent issue of Supergirl: certainly not the best, but definitely not the worst.

I say this almost every time, and I never regret it: I really cannot wait for next month’s issue.


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