Comic Review – Supergirl #37

  • Supergirl #37 pic 1Writers: K. Perkins & Mike Johnson
  • Penciller: Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Inker: Ray McCarthy
  • Colourist: HI-FI
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: December 18th 2014


Lupacchino and Morey have done an excellent job with the cover art. Lupacchino always draws with so much detail, and this cover is exactly the same. Lupacchino and Morey have worked together to make an exceptional piece of artwork, one which gives you plenty of information, in this A4 piece of artwork, as to what could possibly be happening inside.

Supergirl has been given the opportunity to join the most prestigious school in the universe for people with superpowers. Sounds awesome right?… but as we all know, Kara is socially inept anyways, and being in an enclosed space with so many other super powered people can only spell disaster for the Kryptonian powerhouse. She’s not very good at making friends; people tend to be turned off by her lack of filter, but surprisingly enough, being forced to be a part of a team has its benefits for her. Having not being able to finish school on her home planet, Kara seems to revel in the fact that she’s being given the chance to learn far more than she could ever dream, and so much more than school on Krypton would have given her the opportunity to do (you know, with it not existing anymore and all). As we all know, from reading Supergirl comics, things don’t always go according to plan.

Kara quite often comes across as innocent and naïve. It’s refreshing to see someone so put together one moment, and then so very childlike the next, it’s like she’s had to grow up so fast, that ever so often she allows herself to experience the childhood that literally exploded before her very eyes. Seeing Kara interact with her classmates, as well as getting excited about education is something I’ve never seen from her before, and yet another layer added to this already intricate character.

Supergirl #37 pic 2

To accompany this transformative story-line by Perkins and Johnson (trust me, after this you’ll see Kara in a whole new light), is equally as fantastic artwork from none other than Emanuela Lupacchino herself, but then again, I never did expect any different. The way in which she draws Kara, from the incredibly powerful Supergirl, to the over enthusiastic schoolgirl, to the insecure little girl just trying to make friends, is simply marvelous. Each variation has a different posture, different facial expressions and different actions, almost as if they’re separate people, but Lupacchino manages to make them all resemble the Supergirl we all know and love, while effectively managing to make them all incredibly different. Not only does she pay so much attention to the titular character, but the surrounding Heroes and environment are drawn in so much detail, it creates a well-rounded image, one which she should be incredibly proud of.

And what piece of artwork is complete without a splash of colour? HI-FI constantly does a good job of using the right colours to not only complete the characters, but to drastically change the feel of a particular scene, which I find quite ingenious. It’s amazing what can be achieved by adding colour, and I just feel that HI-FI deserves a fair bit of recognition and praise for their work on this comic in particular.

So, I really enjoy this storyline. Not only because I am enjoying the fact that Kara is getting a chance to experience something she’s never really had the opportunity to before in terms of getting a fulfilling education, but because the inclusion of people such as Maxima, Tsavo and Comet adds something new to this series: a sense of teamwork. Kara is excellent working on her own, but she needs to be around people who are like her, this storyline allows her to do just that.


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