Comic Review – Grimm Fairy Tales #106

  • Grimm Fairy Tales #106 pic 1Writer: Pat Shand
  • Artwork: Andres Barrero (pages 5-22), Przemyslaw Klosin (Pages 1-4)
  • Colours: Steve Oaks (pages 5-22), Ivan Nunes (pages 1-4)
  • Letters: Micah Myers
  • Publisher: Zenescope
  • Release Date: January 7th 2015


For those of you who are new to the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, here’s what you need to know: these monthly comics from Zenescope monthly centre around those famous fairy tales you read as a kid. This fabulous issue is a continuation of last month’s installment.

As per the inside cover of the comic, here’s what’s happened previously in Grimm Fairy Tales: after having opened a school for a select group of Highborn and Falseblood teens with enhanced abilities (sound similar to anyone?), a series of dramatic events force Sela to face the possibility that she may be in way over her head.

Expertly created by Ylenia Di Napoli and Sean Chen, two artists who have over 50 comic book covers in their resume collectively, comes a fantastic piece of artwork that beautifully adorns the front cover of this issue. It gives nothing away of the storyline, in fact; it doesn’t even include the main character of this series. But it’s beautifully put together, showing some of the different supporting characters this series has to offer, and the abilities which afforded them a place at Sela’s academy in the first place. So Kudos to Di Napoli and Chen for providing us with this beautifully put together piece of art.

Grimm Fairy Tales #106 pic 2

This issue most definitely isn’t for a beginner to the series; too much has happened over the previous issues which will leave you thoroughly baffled as to what is happening. Nevertheless, let me enlighten you a little: the previous two issues, entitled Rise of the Water Nymphs parts 1 and 2, led to a devastating series of events for a few students at the school, and more than a few questions that so desperately needed answering.

Sela meets with the former Goddess Gaia in an attempt to figure out why someone, other than herself and two other official Realm jumpers (people who possess the ability to jump through portals to different realms such as Neverland), were able to jump through a portal and wreak such havoc on some of the inhabitants of this realm.

Pat Shand shows us, once again, just why he is a long-standing writer of the Grimm series. The issues in the story are so intricately interwoven; a newcomer to the series would have to start from the very beginning to figure out exactly what’s going on, and why wouldn’t they? I mean, each issue has exactly what you’d want from this type of comic. There’s action, adventure, interesting characters, each with their own different back stories, and a ton of magic and fairy tale lore to accompany it. Pat Shand has done a fantastic job of not only integrating different fairy tales into this comic, but of managing to progress the overall story at such a tantalizingly slow pace, while still managing to provide the reader with enough to keep them intrigued enough to see it through. It’s not often a comic manages to hold onto the reader if it drags the storyline on, but Pat Shand and all of those at Zenescope who have worked hard putting this together have managed to pull it off superbly.

Grimm #106 pic 3

I’ve never known a Zenescope comic to be poorly illustrated, and this one most certainly does not disappoint. Barrero has done an exceptional job of making these characters likeable. They are shown to be vulnerable, yet strong; simple-minded yet intelligent all at the same time. I know what you’re thinking–many comic book artists do this, and I’m inclined to agree, but don’t forget that Zenescope isn’t as popular as some of the other Comic book publishers (and I don’t understand why). Barerro and Klosin have illustrated this beautifully, from the facial expressions, to the simple way the characters move, it’s all incredibly well put together, and deserving of much more recognition than it gets.

The reason I love Zenescope comics, particularly the different Grimm series, is the fact that they’re all so different, yet each is completed to the same exceptional standards. This issue has the perfect balance between a gripping storyline (not too much action, not too much talking, but it follows on perfectly from previous issues, and gives the reader just enough to keep them wanting more, while not providing enough to spoil anything), and aesthetically pleasing images that grace every page. It’s deserving of my praise a hundred times over, and I can honestly say that I look forward to reading what ever Grimm adventures Zenescope publish next.

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