Comic Review – Robyn Hood #7

  • Robyn Hood #7 pic 1Writer: Pat Shand
  • Artist: Roberta Ingranata
  • Colourist: Slamet Mujiono
  • Publiser: Zenescope
  • Release Date: February 18th 2015

Manuel Preitano, a relative newcomer to the world of comic book artistry, has done a fantastic job of bringing Robyn to life in this cover. It’s the simplest cover in this Robyn Hood series, but it captures the leading lady perfectly. The attention to detail in the foreground is superb, with even the tiniest things drawn to perfection. He may be new to this series, but Preitano has definitely done it a justice with this outstanding cover. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.

A new story arc usually means a new artist, and Ingranata is that in practically every sense of the word: with this being her first time illustrating comic books in general, not just this series. The style of her artwork is reminiscent of the work done in the previous issues, but it’s obvious that it’s done by a completely different artist. The attention to detail, as has been discovered in this series, is spot on… it must be a Zenescope thing, although I’m not discrediting the artist in any way whatsoever. It must take hours to create pieces of art this detailed, and it really does show.

Anyone who loves comic books will tell you that a good storyline will only get it so far, and that its artwork such as what is displayed in this comic, that really make it stand out. Action scenes are my thing though, and despite there being hardly any in this issue, the ones that are included are of a fantastic quality. I hope Ingranata will continue drawing for this series, because I really feel like she could produce some spectacular pieces of art, and even though this series is fantastic as it is, better artwork will only make the series better as a whole. Ingranata has the potential to do just that.

Robyn Hood #7 pic 2

In the last issue, Marian discovered the reason behind her failing powers, but with Avella captured and possibly dying, any hope of her regaining control seems lost. It’s something that’s going to be talked about, and brought up for a while yet, but this issue marks the beginning of a new story arc, and it begins in true Robyn Hood fashion, with a case, a case of the weird and wonderful, that turns out to be so much more that both she and Marian had imagined.

What can be said about Pat Shand that hasn’t already been covered? I know it’s still early days for this series, well, not Robyn Hood as a whole, but this ongoing series, but it’s already shaping up to be fantastic. Shand can go from having written an action packed issue one month, to an emotion fuelled issue the next, but they’ll be equally as impressive, and just as enjoyable.

This issue is a lot slower than it has been previously, but it’s not a bad thing. It is kind of a rehash on what has happened up until this point, and a good starting point from which the next issues can carry on from. I haven’t found any negatives within Shand’s work, but just because I haven’t it doesn’t mean there aren’t any, I just feel like the work he produces is slowly improving with each excellent issue, and I’m genuinely excited to see what he produces next.

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