Workshop Wednesday: Catsuits, Bodysuits & Jumpsuits

Workshop Wednesday
Workshop Wednesday

At least once in your cosplay career, you will face the very real struggle of trying to make a catsuit of some sort. Leotards, jumpsuits, bodysuits – you name it, it’s left someone screaming somewhere: you are not alone!

Notoriously hard to craft and fit correctly – body suits initiate twitching in the eyes of even experienced cosplayers. Fear not, friends! Taken from our friends over at Cosplay Tutorial via Stretchy.org – here is everything you need to know about custom body garments!

We will be going more in depth on each of these items for future Workshop Wednesdays – but to get you started, here is a database to reference!

Working with Stretchy Cloth

Commercial Catsuit Patterns

Free Catsuit Pattern and Instructions

Lets get going with the first part of a great video tutorial series on making a catsuit, from SleekWeasel:

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Alexis is the lead fabricator and designer for Shattered Stitch Cosplay, based out of Tennessee. She has been in the cosplay community over 10 years and is a familiar face at cons large and small all across the Southeast US.

Alexis is a consummate nerd with her genres of expertise and interest being concentrated in Marvel comics and World of Warcraft. Also on her interest list is Top Cow, Aspen, DarkHorse, and DC, as well as most all videogames with her personal concentration being PC gaming (Master Race).

Her costumes span everything from comics and fantasy books to live action, including: Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Studio Ghibli, and Conan.

If you'd like to nerd cred check, step right up and give it a swing. You'll receive your consolation prize as you exit stage left.

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