Comic Review- Hexed #8

  • Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
  • Illustrator: Dan Mora
  • Colors: Gabriel Cassata
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
  • Release Date: March 11th 2015


Being the first thing you see when you come across a comic, the front cover has to be perfect otherwise (more often than not), you start off with an already negative opinion of how the rest of the comic is going to be. More heavily illustrated than the rest of the book, this single piece of art work has the ability to take your breath away, and make you so intrigued as to what the rest of the book holds. Dan Mora has provided us with a prime example of a perfect cover. This issue of Hexed doesn’t really need a flashy cover after last month’s shocking cliff hanger, but the more you look at it, the more things you realize you’d missed upon first glance at this amazingly illustrated piece of art.

Hexed #8 pic 1

Dan Mora may not have many credits to his name, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good, in fact, the opposite is proving to be true. The amount of detail he puts into each of his illustrations is amazing: every emotion is spot on, the magical effects are sensational and the action scenes are of an exceptional quality–there seems to be no end to what he can do. This has proven to be an incredibly action packed issue, and the artwork adds to that overall feeling of excitement when reading it. Not forgetting that this series is very young in comparison to most other comic books available today, the artwork easily puts many of them to shame. I have a feeling, if he continues on as he is, Dan Mora is going to become a very familiar figure within the world of comic book artistry, and there really is no one more deserving at the moment than he is.



If you haven’t been fortunate enough to read last month’s issue of Hexed, I’d strongly urge you to do that, because not only does it contain everything you could ever want in a comic (action, adventure and a splash of magic), the cliff hanger will also leave you hating Nelson enoHexed #8 pic 2ugh to realise that you actually love him for providing you with an incredible storyline.

After leaving us with such a humongous cliff hanger last month, I kind of felt like Nelson owed us an amazing issue, I mean, who ends a comic with the most important person in the main character’s life being given CPR? That’s just not nice! Nelson not only delivered, boy did he deliver, but he created just as big a cliff to leave us hanging on as he did in last month’s issue. It’s not hard to see why Hexed is a popular comic book series is it? Especially when Nelson is constantly creating such gripping storylines. It’s not often I get emotional reading a comic (in the crying sense), but after having seen the relationship between Val and Lucifer, and how much they mean to each other, it feels like Lucifer isn’t the only one who has lost Val. The lengths Lucifer is determined to go to to not only avenge Val, but keep Raina (the only person left in her life who she genuinely cares about) safe, shows just how important Val is . . . was to Lucifer’s wellbeing as a whole. With her anchor no longer available, Lucifer is diving head first into the deep end, and the only person who is able to pull her out, is too scared to be much help.

Nelson, Mora and Cassata have definitely outdone themselves with this one. I don’t really think there’s any more than can be said about this issue. From cover to cover, this is, without a doubt, the best Hexed issue yet, and if this is anything to go by, things are about to get a lot more interesting for our intrepid duo.

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