Comic Review – Supergirl #40

  • Writers: K. Perkins & Mike Johnson
  • Penciller: Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Inker: Ray McCarthy
  • Colourist: HI-FI
  • Published by: DC Comics
  • Release Date: March 18th 2015


Emanuela Lupacchino never ceases to amaze me. Going from providing the artwork within a comic’s pages, to creating such wonderful pieces of cover art, there seems to be no end to what Lupacchino can do. This cover is, as has come to be expected from Lupacchino, fantastic. The attention to detail is astounding: the different facial expressions really sell it for me, and not forgetting the excellent use of colour which really brings this cover to life. Congrats to both Lupacchino and Rico Renzi for creating this wonderful piece of art.

Supergirl #40 pic 1

Onto the feature art: Lupacchino proves, once again, why she has been chosen to illustrate another issue of this well-established series. Each review, I give the same reasons for why I like her artwork: her attention to detail is astounding, the action scenes are drawn to perfection, and the use of facial expressions is spot on. I have to say, my favourite things about this month’s comic are the fighting scenes; there are many in this issue, but they are all drawn incredibly well. Lupacchino seems to be getting better and better. I honestly don’t think I can say anything bad about her artwork, and I am definitely glad that she is still illustrating for this series. Supergirl really wouldn’t be the same without her.  And not forgetting HI-FI, who expertly colours for this series yet again, and Ray McCarthy, who continues his run as the Supergirl resident Inker.


Last issue saw Supergirl, Superboy and her fellow Crucible classmates in the hands of Korstus and Roho after having been led directly into a trap. This month sees the entertaining conclusion to the crucible storyline. It wraps things up nicely, and ends with a surprising new twist to Supergirl’s tale.

Supergirl #40 pic 2Perkins and Mike Johnson, although only working with each other for five issues, are proving to be a really good team. The Crucible storyline has been a really entertaining one, full of twists and turns, new friendships, new betrayals and one hell of a cliff hanger. I know, Kara saving the day isn’t a phenomenon, but since the beginning of the New 52 Supergirl series, I have always felt like there was something missing. Kara started off as a young naïve girl, trying desperately to fit in with our ever changing society. It’s hard enough for us mere mortals, but for her, it was near impossible. We saw her battle her way through countless villains, and stay isolated enough to never properly form meaningful relationships with anyone, until recently. This whole storyline has provided both Supergirl and Kara with the chance to get to know new people, and make new friends: I feel like this is what has been missing all along. Sure there is Superman and Superboy who she can kind of relate to, but now she has more of an understanding of herself, and other superheroes around her. I can only hope that this whole experience changes for the better.

As much as I loved this Crucible conclusion, I do have a negative comment to make: Why the hell would you leave it on such a cliff hanger? As if we haven’t been through enough in this past arc, now you have to leave us with that?! Not cool DC . . . not cool.

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