Comic Review – Batman and Robin Annual #3

  • Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
  • Pencils: Juan Jose Ryp
  • Inks: Juan Jose Ryp, Jordi Tarragona, and Juan Albarran
  • Colors: Sonia Oback
  • Letters: Tom Napolitano
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 4/1/15

While the Batman and Robin series took its final bows last week, it has one final curtain call with a fun and sentimental annual. Series writer Peter J. Tomasi is joined by Juan Jose Ryp to have one last adventure with Bruce and Damian, and it becomes a thrilling father-son tale. Oh, and it’s on the moon, so that just ups the awesome factor.Batman and Robin Annual 3 cover

Damian wants to spend more time with his father, now that he’s back to being a depowered Robin. Unfortunately, Batman is stuck on Monitor duty on the Watchtower. So Damian, being who he is, hacks a teleporter and goes with Titus to hang out with Batman. While Batman gives Robin a run down of what he is doing (and Robin gives Titus free range with the Justice League fridge), Robin notices a lunar lander from the 1970s suddenly active. What ensues is a father-son adventure with the future of humanity at stake!

Tomasi does an excellent job with the story. He continues to be a master with the dynamic between the Dynamic Duo, showing them as a family, even when both can be incredibly stubborn. The villains he has Batman and Robin go up against are wonderfully evil, as well as disgusting. It’s a bit of a horror element in what is an adventure romp, but it works nicely. It’s also great to see Damian and Titus act like the kid and overgrown puppy that they are, with Titus acting a bit like fellow WB pooch Scooby Doo when it comes to behavior. Seeing Damian act like a kid, versus an adult in a 10 year old body, is always great to see; and Tomasi has always shown that when he writes Damian. This story also has the virtue of being a comic that readers of all ages can enjoy. The ending is a tad bittersweet, but I have a Batman and Robin Annual 3 interiorfeeling this Dynamic Duo will be back in a Batman and Robin title sooner rather than later.

Ryp provides awesome art for this story. He gets the movements of the characters just right and creates wonderful environments for the lunar surface and the inside of a massive spacecraft. The expressions on the characters, while sometimes wonky, are still terrific, ranging from Damian’s cheeky grin at hacking the teleporter to Batman’s grim resolve in the face of possible death to Titus’ dopey grin at the sight of a full fridge. His designs of the aliens are great, giving them a kind of Doctor Who feel. The three inkers working on this book work so seamlessly that you’d think it was done by one person. Oback’s colors are vibrant and wonderfully suit the story.

It is the end for Batman and Robin, for now. The Dynamic Duo ends their book with a wonderful sendoff that works with the themes Tomasi has developed over his run, and shows at its heart this series has always been a father and son tale.

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