Comic Review – Convergence #0

Convergence 0  coverWriters: Dan Jurgens and Jeff King
Art: Ethan Van Sciver
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Travis Lanham
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date:  4/1/15

Convergence, DC Comics’ anticipated summer event, arrives this week with a zero issue that acts as a prelude to the main storyline. Veteran Superman writer Dan Jurgens and Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver are joined by newcomer Jeff King, who will be the main scribe on the Convergence storyline. Convergence is a very anticipated event, so does this prelude whet our appetite for the multiversal mayhem to follow?

Taking place just moments after Superman sent Brainiac through the black hole at the climax of Doomed, the Man of Steel finds himself face to face with the colossal entity that is the true Brainiac. Having captured Superman, he reveals he’s sent all the various Brainiacs throughout time and space to test the Supermen of various Earths and timelines. Superman eventually frees himself only to find himself in a desert wasteland and constantly attacked by various Brainiacs from throughout the history of the DC Universe. Without giving too much away, what is revealed is the stage on which Convergence will play. After the story, an appendix containing the various worlds that will appear in the Convergence event is provided.

The story is relatively simple, but Jurgens and King create a decent prelude, setting things up for the main event. It’s really exciting to see Superman take on multiple forms of Brainiac, as well as revealing the plans of what we might deem Uber-Brainiac. There are plenty of nods to the DC Universe’s past, mainly through the various models of Brainiac that appear. They tip their hand just enough to set things up, but not enough to truly drive the narrative of the event forward; while this is fine for a prelude, it does make the reader want more (thankfully, we just need to wait a week). Also, Superman here does more yelling and punching than thinking Convergence-2015-000-015-1000x769his way out of his situation. While understandable given his want to return home, it’s a bit out of character. While the appendix of worlds is nice, it makes the reader want more of the story. However, it’s still a fun adventure and the twists they reveal are intriguing.

Van Sciver’s art is great, starting with the reveal of Uber-Brainiac. His Superman might be a bit more worn down, given his ordeal, but he is a strong and dynamic character (not to mention we see the beginnings of the beard that was in Greg Pak’s Action run). The various Brainiacs are a fan’s delight, being a major tribute to almost every iteration of the character (I grinned when I saw the DCAU Brainiac I first saw as a kid on Superman: The Animated Series). In an especially trippy two page spread, Van Sciver goes crazy with combining various cities from across multiple timelines to reveal the first glimpses of the massive city where the events of Convergence will take place. There are a couple wonky faces here and there, but otherwise the art is solid, and is a huge gift to fans old and new.

This is a solid prelude issue, which sets up the main events in Convergence. While there could have been more story, this issue provides a glimpse of what is to come. Things are going to get VERY interesting in the DC Universe.

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