Comic Review- Hexed #11

Hexed #11 pic 1Written by: Michael Alan Nelson

Illustrated by: Dan Mora

Colours by: Gabriel Cassata

Release Date: June 17th 2015

Published by: BOOM! Studios


The past few issues of Hexed have boasted some of Dan Mora’s best cover work, and this is definitely no exception. The vibrancy of the contrasting colours allude to the fact that this appears to be a battle between good and evil. Knowing the two people fighting, it’s most probably not; but the clear use of black and white on the opposing fighters, and red and blue for the different powers gives that impression. Mora has done an exceptional job of reeling the potential reader in, and from the looks of things, this issue’s going to be awesome.


The same level of artistic ability that is presented on the front cover is carried on throughout. Dan Mora is incredibly talented. There is a lot of action in this issue, more so than in the previous ones, but even so, everything is incredibly well detailed.  Lucifer has been the center of attention for the past few issues, so it’s refreshing to see someone else taking center stage. He puts the same level of detail into every character. In fact, the fates are some of the most detailed characters I’ve seen in this series.


Hexed #11 pic 2

Lucifer not being the main focus of this issue is a nice change. Raina must pull out all the stops to help Fastrada save Lucifer from the cruellest kind of punishment The Gods can muster. To top it all off, Cymbaline is back and better than ever, and her first mission: Take down Lucifer. I don’t think it’s in Nelson’s DNA to create a bad storyline. Lucifer being turned into the Keeper of Secrets was a big shock, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better. The inclusion of Cymbaline to spice things up was something I never expected, and it definitely adds a new layer to this already complex storyline. The fates were a lovely touch.  Their backstory, and more of Cymbaline’s, furthers the complexity of this series.


It was a very entertaining issue, with fantastic artwork accompanying an equally as fantabulous storyline. The creative team behind Hexed work really well together, and constantly create incredibly well rounded issues. Things are really heating up now, and following the trend they’ve set, the next issue is bound to be better than this- if that’s possible.

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