Comic Review – Wonder Woman Annual 2015 #1

Wonder Woman Annual pic #1Wonder Woman (1-26)

Writer: Meredith Finch

Penciller: David Finch

Inkers: Jonathan Glapion (1-9 10-13 16-26) & Johnny Desjardins (10, 14, 15)

Colourist: Brad Anderson

For The Love Of A Queen (27-End)

Writer: Meredith Finch

Artist: Goran Sudzuka

Colourist: Ive Svorcina

Published by: DC Comics

Release Date: June 11th 2015


Just when I think we’ve seen all David Finch has to offer, he creates a cover like this. There have been many spectacular covers in this series, and this is one to add to the ever expanding collection. The Wonder Woman series boasts some of the best cover art I’ve ever seen, and the person behind such wonders is David Finch. Wonder Woman looks incredibly life like; everything is drawn to absolute perfection. Glapion, as the inker, further brings Finch’s Wonder Woman to life, and it wouldn’t be complete without Anderson’s incredible colouring skills. Overall, this cover is simply sensational. It’s the kind of cover that takes your breath away over and over again. The creative team has definitely pulled out all the stops in creating this masterpiece, and it’s paid off big time.


It’s been a few months between this issue and the last. The Convergence storyline which took its place did nothing for me, so the least we say about that the better. For those of you who can’t remember what happened in the last issue, here’s a little recap for you: Donna Troy took over as leader of the Amazons after Diana’s commitment is called upon. Wonder Woman and a few other members of The Justice League stumble upon an ancient civilisation, who bring to the fore some harsh truths about Diana’s duties as the God of War. And The Amazons, under Donna’s leadership take things too far, and the consequences of their actions are bound to be dire when Wonder Woman finds out what they’ve done.


This issue marks the finale of the War Torn Arc, one of the best arcs this Wonder Woman series has created. Donna Troy is ruthless in her pursuit of perfection, and Wonder Woman seems to be the target for all of her pent up anger. The two of them strongly believe in what they are fighting for, and unfortunately for them, their beliefs clash. The resulting fight is epic, with one Amazonian Powerhouse fiercely battling the other. Further to this, the Justice League deal with the issues the ancient civilisation present to present day Earth.


Wonder Woman Annual pic #2

David Finch, and the entire artistic team who have worked on this comic, have truly created an artistic masterpiece. Every page is filled to the brim with incredibly detailed, breath-takingly beautiful pieces of art. What I look out for, as a true sign of artistic ability, is the use of facial expressions, well detailed fight scenes, and the use of emotion. This has it all. Wonder Woman is a multifaceted character, which can make it kind of hard to effectively show the difference between each of the different sides of her. David Finch and co. seem to have no problem with this. One thing which strikes true with each of her different personalities is her passion: she’s nothing if not passionate about everything she does. This is another thing which the artistic team have managed to do incredibly well. The use of colours in this issue is fantastic, and really highlights how different scenes are supposed to feel. This has to be one of the best illustrated issues in the series, and a true testament to the ability of each and every member of the creative team. Kudos to them all.


Meredith Finch hasn’t been working on comic books for very long, but in her short tenure she has written some of the best issues the Wonder Woman series in its entirety has to offer. I know that it’s a very bold statement, but as a true Wonder Woman fan, and having read every issue of the series, I feel I am justified in saying that. Let me tell you why: it’s not that the storylines are the most action packed (let’s be honest, they do contain a hell of a lot of action), it’s just that they perfectly highlight the different sides of Wonder Woman, and all these sides have to offer. The dialogue, not just in this issue, but in the previous ones, is so emotional and heart felt, while demonstrating the true passion the Amazon Queen, the Goddess of War, the member of the Justice League and Wonder Woman all have about their different duties and responsibilities. Wonder Woman is many Super Heroes compressed into one bad ass body, and Meredith Finch has managed to show that.


Wonder Woman Annual pic #3The ‘For The Love Of A Queen’ section at the end of this bumper sized issue, was a truly enlightening account of just why men were not allowed on Paradise Island for so long. Queen Alcippe, Diana’s Grandmother, graciously allowed men onto Paradise Island. However, an act of betrayal caused the new Queen, Hippolyta, to develop the strong hatred for men the Amazons were known to have possessed for many years. It was an interesting read, and once again well created by Meredith Finch.


Sudzuka and Svorcina haven’t created the most detailed pieces of artwork, but the pictures follow the storyline perfectly, allowing us to see what happened to cause such a strong hatred towards men, instead of following Finch’s storyline. It’s a nice way to finish a very action packed issue of Wonder Woman.


Overall, this issue of Wonder Woman is fantastic. It’s jam packed with incredible pieces of artwork, and an equally as entertaining storyline. The whole team behind this should be pleased, because it rounds of the story arc nicely.


After what I would call the wreck which was the Convergence story arc, it was nice to come back to this series and see such a spectacular issue. It was most definitely well worth the wait, and I truly can’t wait to see what next month has to offer.

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