Comic Review- Black Canary #2

Black Canary #2 pic 1Writer: Brenden Fletcher

Artist: Annie Wu

Colours: Lee Loughridge

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: July 15th 2015


I may have high expectations for this comic, as it’s chronicling the life of one of my all-time favorite DC Heroines. The cancellation of the Birds of Prey series left a huge hole in my life which has yet to be filled. I’m hoping this will be enough to satiate my need for Dinah’s badass-ness, at least until a new Birds of Prey series is created. Annie Wu has done a brilliant job of subtly giving people an insight as to who the Black Canary really is. This cover does enough to make people sufficiently curious enough to want to read, without giving anything away about what is actually going to happen. It’s a good cover. Personally, I prefer the variant cover by Babs Tarr, but nevertheless, Wu has done a good job with this.


Not only does Wu provide the cover art, but she provides the artwork within this issue too. The attention to detail is fantastic: it’s got many different things all happening at the same time, but they’re all drawn superbly. Since hand to hand combat is a big part of Black Canary’s fighting style, it’s incredibly important for her knowledge and expertise to be adequately portrayed, and Wu nails it. Dinah is a master of martial arts, and that’s clearly seen from the fight scenes Wu has expertly illustrated. I have to admit though, I’m not a fan of how Dinah looks. I’m not being
superficial, or at least I’m not trying to, and I get that different artist draw characters differently. My only problem is that this version of Dinah is nothing like how she used to look, face wise. She doesn’t look feminine enough, and one of the whole appeals of Black Canary is that she is a beautiful woman (not that beauty has anything to do with it) who is physically capable of fighting alongside such powerful heroes as Superman, and kicks a lot of male ass. I know it may sound petty, but this version of Black Canary doesn’t really resemble the old version.  It makes her look too edgy, and if you’re a huge fan like I am, it’s going to put you off.


Black Canary #2 pic 3

I think I’ve ranted enough for this issue, and luckily enough Fletcher has created such a fantastic storyline, I’ve got nothing bad to say about it. I am a fan of Fletcher’s storylines, they’re always full of action and suspense. The Black Canary band’s determined to finish their contractual obligation by performing a few more gigs, and unfortunately for them. their enemy is still hot on their trails. Dinah is determined to teach them all how to fight in order to protect themselves, and their most vulnerable (and secretive) member: Ditto. In true Black Canary style, things don’t stay calm for long, and before long they’re face to face with their enemy, who one of their members is intimately familiar with. From start to finish this comic is packed with enough action and adventure worthy of being associated with the Black Canary, and if the shocking cliff hanger is anything to go by, the next issue is going to be even more awesome.

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