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Stitchers 1x09

Some shows have based entire seasons around the tension and strain that having a secret job places on a relationship – I mean, Smallville tried to milk that for at least seven seasons – so it’s not a surprise that Stitchers has Kirsten’s (Emma Ishta) lying about her job put strain on her relationship with Liam (Jack Turner), particularly since he just proposed.

What is surprising is that they unravel so quickly. By the end of “Future Tense,” Liam is jumping down Kirsten’s throat with jealousy over Cameron (Kyle Harris), even though Kirsten assures him there’s nothing to worry about there. And ultimately, it just seems very, very good that Kirsten eventually turns down his proposal – although, the reason was because she needed to find herself and not because of Liam’s behavior.

After Kirsten says no, we finally get the answer on whether Liam is actually only a good guy or not. He makes a mysterious phone call and says that even though Kirsten turned him down, he can still stick around. Whether he’s working for the people Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) was afraid he was working for or not though, Stitchers didn’t say.

Liam's mysterious phone call

It’s not exactly ground-breaking that Liam is (probably) evil, but it’s actually kind of welcome because the Liam who stayed at home, worked out, took Kirsten’s word at face value, and cooked for her all the time was super nice but not really that interesting. Either Liam was leaving after Kirsten turned down the proposal or he was going to be evil, and this is honestly the more interesting of the two choices. Kirsten may not love Liam, but she clearly cares about him. Having him working against her will make everything that happens that much more personal.

When not handling Kirsten and Liam, “Future Tense” was largely a procedural episode, spiced up a little by the psychic nature of the case and the victim. It was a pretty interesting case, as those things go, and I liked the twist that the person Kirsten wanted to save the whole time was actually the murderer.

Police handcuffing the killer

The most annoying part of the case was the fact that it took forever for anyone to remotely entertain the possibility that Kirsten could be having psychic visions. Especially since it was clear that was what we were supposed to think pretty early on. I understand that the Stitchers team are scientists – and therefore, apparently less likely to believe in things like psychic phenomena – but maybe Kirsten could have brought up the psychic thing as an idea.

But it was nice that “Future Tense” came down definitively on the side of the victim being psychic because often crime shows that deal with psychic victims come up with some logical explanation by episode’s end. And then they do that annoying thing where they hint that there was really some psychic power all along. Stitchers doesn’t do that, and the episode is all the better for it, especially since it doesn’t give us answers for Kirsten’s vision of Cameron dying. Which is a little annoying. But it also means next week should be pretty awesome.

Cameron dead in Stitchers lab

The final piece of “Future Tense” came in the form of Camille (Allison Scagliotti) and Linus (Ritesh Rajan). As I pointed out last week, Linus told his parents that he had a girlfriend, and what’s more, he told them all about Camille. So now that they want to meet said girlfriend, Camille has to go meet them. Or you know, Linus has to beg Camille to come meet them because Camille really doesn’t want to. That set-up makes it sound like the plot would be an utter disaster, but I actually surprised myself by liking it – to a point.

Linus doesn’t fight Camille on the fact that she doesn’t want to date him. He just wants her to pretend for this one night in order to make his parents happy. Which she agrees to do, more or less on her own terms.

Then, Linus’s parents love Camille because really, who wouldn’t love Camille? And Linus is actually really good here too. He doesn’t use that fact against Camille in any way or try to manipulate her into then agreeing to date him. He only wants Camille to stop being amazing so that he can “break up” with her later. Although it’s not great that he wants to be the one to break up with her because if she breaks up with him, he claims it would be emasculating.

Camille and Linus with his parents

The tricky, slippery part of the plot comes when it’s clear that Camille’s parents love her so much that they want to know what kind of future she and Linus could have. And Camille wavers. Now, I totally get that, especially after Linus’s parents were so nice and welcoming and Camille openly admits she doesn’t have a family of her own.

Luckily, she doesn’t quite commit to anything, merely leaving the possibility open. But I feel like this will give Linus an opportunity to harass her about it again or for Camille to change her mind herself, and I’m not sure how I would feel about that. Do I expect Linus and Camille to actually become boyfriend and girlfriend at some point? Yes. Will it annoy me? Yes. But I suppose it’s good that Stitchers even tried to not immediately jump them into a relationship and that we’ve had several episodes to see why Camille would change her mind.

“Future Tense” was another one of those Stitchers episodes, like “The Root of All Evil”, that does its job of entertaining us, even if it might not be that memorable somewhere down the line. Some weeks, that’s enough.


Final Thoughts:

  • The season finale looks intense, and I am so excited!
  • Some more hints that my personal theory that Maggie and Ed Clark were in love at some point was correct. Unless Ed was in love with Kirsten’s mother.
  • Crêpes for breakfast does sound amazing. I might have kept Liam around just for that.

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