Comic Review- Coven #2

Coven #2 pic 1Writer: Zach Calig

Artwork: Diego Galindo

Colours: Michael Bartolo

Publisher: Zenescope

Release Date: August 19th 2015


This month’s cover was expertly created by Tony Brescini and Ivan Nunes, both of whom have done work on Robyn Hood and other leading Grimm Fairy Tales titles. Both of these artists produce fantastic work, so seeing their names on this cover came as no surprise. The flames are the most eye catching part of the entire cover, and follows perfectly on from the previous comic in which fire was a predominant feature. It works well given the dark nature the previous issue had undertaken, and provides no clues as to what’s going on inside the actual comic. The overall attention to detail is great, as I’ve come to realise Nunes and Brescini are both renowned for providing. Overall, this is a very befitting cover for this short series, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what marvels await us on the inside.


The artwork on the inside definitely does not disappoint. Galindo has done a brilliant job of bringing this story to life. Finishing off where the last issue ends, this issue finds Baba Yaga and Liza unconscious on the floor, with the crusaders ready to end Baba’s life and take Liza to their base. Baba Yaga’s old coven (and Liza’s present one) rescue them, only for Baba to walk into a deadly trap in her attempt to rescue Avril from the Crusader’s clutches. The attention to detail Galindo has put in this comic is the same attention to detail most Grimm series artists put in their work. It’s not really set apart from the rest in that respect, but it does aid in supporting the great storyline Calig has created. Bartolo expertly provides the coloring for this issue, which further complements the storyline beautifully.


Coven #2 pic 2

Zach Galig has provided us with a very entertaining storyline. It’s more fast-paced and action-packed than the previous issue, with this one introducing the rest of the Coven, and identifying a long standing disagreement between them and their former member: Baba Yaga. Galig has used an already well established character from the Grimm Universe, and has joined her with some relative unknowns to create a formidable team. It makes sense that this series is short, and because of this Galig has to provide a lot of information, a lot of action and adventure in every issue to make it worthwhile. I know we are only 2 issues in, but it seems like he is doing a good enough job of providing us with everything we need to be satisfied until the very end. Hopefully the background of the other members of the coven will be divulged in the upcoming issues, but if the ending of this issue is anything to go by, the next issue is set to be a doozy.


This is a solid issue. The artwork isn’t anything spectacular, but it is good. The coloring and storyline are the best parts of this issue, and make this entertaining to look at and read. It’s still early days, so with any luck, the next four issues will improve on this. It’s set to be an interesting series, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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