Comic Review – Robyn Hood #13

  • Writer: Pat Shand
  • Artwork: Roberta Ingranata
  • Colours: Slamet Mujiono
  • Publisher: Zenescope
  • Release Date: August 5th 2015

Maria Laura Sanapo and Victor Bartlett provide a fantastic cover to Robyn Hood #13. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of either of these artists before, but with work like this, perhaps I should have. This piece of artwork is beautifully illustrated, right down to the intricate details on Robyn’s bow, and the nails holding Van Helsing’s crossbow together. It’s a great addition to the Robyn Hood cover collection, and a great way to introduce me to two very talented people in the world of comic book artistry. As it gives nothing about the storyline away, I guess we’ll have to wait to see what mischief Robyn gets involved with this time.

Robyn Hood #13 pic 1

Roberta Ingranata shows us, once again, why she continues to illustrate for this series. Her artwork is exquisite. The attention to detail is always spot on, and considering the fact that Liesel has a very steampunky fashion sense, that’s totally different from all of the characters seen previously in this series, Ingranata’s done an excellent job of bringing the Vampire Slayer to life. The blood and gore in this issue was a nice touch, and to top it all off Marian’s magic is beautifully illustrated, and the big bad’s really not too bad to look at either. All in all, Ingranata has done a really good job with this issue.



Now onto the hardest part of this whole review: saying things about Shand without repeating too much what I’ve already said about him. I resign myself to the fact that it’s not possible, so here goes: I love Pat Shand. When I first started reading the Robyn Hood series I was hooked, so much so that I was willing to forget all about my heritage (as I come from Nottingham where the original Robin Hood lived) and fully embrace the fact that Robyn is so much better than Robin. Reading this series has further solidified this for me. Robin Hood is a legend, but as with all legends they must be surpassed, and new legends must take their place. Both Zenescope and Shand have created the perfect person to take Robin’s place. I’m sure things were much simpler in Robin’s day; I can’t see him teaming up with Liesel Van Helsing to battle vampires and succubae, while his best friend is off trying to right a wrong he inadvertently made. But then again, Robyn Hood is much cooler. So, thanks to Shand for once again coming up with a storyline that shows of Robyn’s skills perfectly, with just the right level of intrigue (this time by the lovely Maid Marian) to keep us wanting more, and to show is just why we fell in love with the archer in the first place.

Robyn Hood #13 pic 2

Overall, this is an excellent addition to the series. Marian is clearly growing into a very independent woman, but this issue leaves me wondering, at what expense? Will this new found independence and recklessness with her magic spell disaster for the series’ main characters, or will everything turn alright in the end?. . . I guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

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