Comic Review- Holy F*cked #2

  • Writer: Nick Marino
  • Artist: Daniel Arruda Massa
  • Cover:  Daniel Arruda Massa
  • Publisher: Action Lab Comics
  • Release Date: 14th October 2015

Holy F*cked is a very fun and very unusual comic about Jesus, his boyfriend Satan, and a former nun called Maria, which really tells you a lot about the content of this comic; if you’re heavily religious it’s probably not going to be for you. The action picks up from the 1st issue with a new character coming to exact his revenge on Jesus, who he believes doesn’t deserve any level of happiness.

The writing for the story is incredibly fun. You can tell reading it that Marino isn’t someone who takes himself seriously, and in a book like this where everything is more than slightly ridiculous this a great thing! He gives us a surprisingly domestic tale for the most part of Jesus and Satan living in suburbia waiting for their child to be born (Satan’s pregnant). Of course with this being a comic focusing on Satan, Jesus, and Maria, things go from odd to downright weird incredibly quickly. Marino uses the setting of an awkward couples dinner in order to do this which is definitely super awkward, and definitely super funny. It’s not long before Jesus is being kidnapped by the bad guy and Maria is praying for help from The New Apostles’, which is one of the best parts of the comic. Watching them take the fight to the guy who was pretending to be Maria’s boyfriend to get to Jesus will certainly be interesting to see unfold in the next issue.

Holy F*cked #2 cover by Arruda Massa

Massa has a very distinct style that ordinarily might be considered better for a mature cartoon than a comic book, but for an already crazy book he seems to be a great match for the work of Marino. His style is very comical with every character having something about them to make them visually distinct and funny. In the case of Jesus this is his massive muscles and tattoo of the cross. With Satan it’s the fact he sort of looks like a short Ned Flanders, except he’s red and has tiny little wings on his back. With Maria it’s the fact that no matter what the scene she has massive duck lips, which is good from a comical point of view, but does in all honesty take rather a lot of getting used too. However none of this has anything on his rendition of ‘The New Apostles,’ all of whom have their own very odd look and small crucifix tattoos that glow when Maria summons them to help with Jesus’s kidnapping.

If you like your comics to be kooky and fun then Marino and Massa have definitely created the right comic for you. Despite the fact that a comic about Jesus and Satan being a couple with a baby on the way could be viewed harshly by more severe Christians, it’s incredibly difficult not to see this comic as just plain fun. The characters all have a huge amount of life, you actually find yourself caring about Satans pregnancy and you’ll definitely be in and out of stitches for the majority of this issue. Especially when you have Satan griping about the fact the bad guy ran through the wall and the fact that he still wants cake. It’s a strange idea, but it’s definitely an original one. Marino and Massa are bound to annoy some holy people but the other people will be so busy laughing that they won’t even notice.

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