Phantom of the Kill – A First Look

Credit: Gumi GamesPhantom of the Kill is a Japanese turn-based strategy role playing game by Fuji and Gumi Games featuring beautiful “Killer Princesses” that is preparing to make its debut in Western markets this winter.   At New York Comic Con I got the chance to speak with some of the team behind the game and get some insight into the story and game play.

Phantom of the Kill will be released as a free to play app game available on Android and iOS. It will serve as a prequel of sorts to the game that is already available in Japan, taking place 100 years prior to the current events of the story and will be adding male playable characters to a previously all female roster of assassins.  The two story lines will merge at some point in the future.  But for now the Western version will introduce the playable male characters, Zero the first of which was announced at NYCC.

To set the tone, the new game will feature an opening movie; the production of which was supervised by Ghost In The Shell director Mamoru Oshii.  The franchise’s anime influences are very important to the developers and it shows not only with Oshii’s involvement but in the art, choice or voice actors, and story elements and will remain in the Western version.  Phantom of the Kill takes place in a world where science fiction and magic collide with mythology and that promises to provide a robust and engaging story.

Spending some hands on time with the game I can already tell that it has the potential for becoming quite addictive.  The current Killer Princesses represent mythical weaponry from many cultures and there is an urge to collect as many as possible.  In app micro transactions can help you achieve this goal, but so will grinding.  You will also be able to combine multiples of characters to create a new version allowing for many facets of roster building and game play. The game play itself seems quite dynamic with different tiers and combinations of attacks.  Once you get a hang of the mechanics the system looks to be one that will keep the game play from being repetitive or boring.

I am very much looking forward to playing this game. Be sure to check back for my full review after its release.






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