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That Time On Doctor Who – Weeks 91 and 92

This week was a special “Two For Fun” week at the offices of That Time On Doctor Who by Brent Kincade!

The second episode of Doctor Who Series 9, The Witch’s Familiar (2015) was such a visual feast of iconic images, that we could easily riff on this episode for a few weeks.  Only in some of the most classic episodes can you find such a wealth of crazy imagery!

While #ThatTimeOnDrWho riffs on the widest and furthest corners of the Time Vortex, we’ll be deep in the heart of 12th Doctorland for the next several weeks as we celebrate being within the season of new Doctor Who!

Way back at the very beginning of the week, this little nugget slipped out online because we were just too excited.  This one features a funny by Mark Driscoll made into meme-ness by Brent Kincade.

Week 91: The Witch’s Familiar

ThatTimeOnDrWho 91

Then, sneaking in under the wire is an all-new bonus meme-isode, which we’ll call Week 92 for grins.

Week 92: The Witch’s Familiar

ThatTimeOnDrWho 92

WHO FUN FACT:  In “The Witch’s Familiar”, Clara takes her THIRD ride inside a Dalek, the first being the “Splinter” of Clara that the Eleventh Doctor met in “Asylum of the Daleks”, then she was reduced to microscopic size with the Twelfth Doctor in “Inside the Dalek”.  Clara Oswald should have her Dalek Operator’s License winging its way to her in the post!

For more “That Time On…” fun, visit our MEME-GALLERY!


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