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That Time On Doctor Who – Week 104

Week 104 of That Time On Doctor Who by Brent Kincade sees a little inter-regenerational jealousy peep through!

Riffing on connective, strange moments found deep within over 50 years of Doctor Who, #ThatTimeOnDrWho often takes the high road, but sometimes wanders onto the low road…

"The Magician's Apprentice" and "Delta and the Bannermen"

Who Fun Fact: The Doctor is quite musical. The Second Doctor played a recorder, the Fifth Doctor knew how to pluck the harp, the Sixth Doctor played an organ, the Seventh Doctor played the spoons and the guitar, the Eighth Doctor claimed to help Puccini write a symphony, the Tenth Doctor mentioned being able to play the tuba, and in the “Pond Life” series of webisodes, the Eleventh Doctor is seen in the studio recording a hip hop track!

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About the author

Brent Kincade

Brent Kincade was born under the sign of Pertwee and has often wondered if there was an alternate universe where Aquaman was instead called Waterhombre. He also spends a fair amount of his waking life patiently waiting for friends to mention a Thunderdome so he can roll his eyes and plead, "Can't we just get BEYOND Thunderdome??" (Six times, thus far.)

His first comic book was Spidey Super Stories #4 in 1974, his first Star Trek episode was "City On The Edge of Forever" in 1975, his first Doctor Who was "The Visitation" in 1984.

Once when he was young, he stashed his vinyl Halloween Spider-Man costume in the neighbor lady's shrubs and was later caught red-handed, crawling into the shrubs to change into costume because he had, "Heard a cry for help".

He's a father, an artist, a graphic designer, a cartoonist, and usually pretty handy in a pinch. Brent is the creator of #ThatTimeOnDrWho, #ThatTimeOnStarTrek, #ThatTimeOnStarWars and co-creator of "The Magic Cantina". Brent requests the story of his days be co-written by Harlan Ellison, Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman, drawn by John Romita, scored by Ben Folds and riffed on by the fine folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000.